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Monday, 25 November, 2013
8 Recommends
Practical  *  28-Nov-2013
Some of you guys that are commenting needs to realize that this is some people's reality.... It happens.... Get over it . We need to sometimes bypass some of the hidden message and look at the big picture... In my opinion he's trying to show how frustrating it is to wait on a woman to dress/get ready to out.... I know cause I'm guilty of that *smh*
Bob  *  27-Nov-2013
She is trying to induce her boyfriend to take her shopping for a new outfit. By the way guys: "Never go shopping with a woman!"
wat de hell  *  26-Nov-2013
her bill in total is $679 almost $700 dollars nonsense ........... feel sorry for de man. she whole outfit put together could pay me bills example boots which is Electricity Bill, de shirt is water bill, she weave is food and she shirt is extra me arm and dey say sk ppl poor
Local Gyul  *  26-Nov-2013
Women are emotional and that drives all of their decisions. Funny Cartoon, but to you kevin with your off the wall remark. I hope you dont date women cause if they are azzez then what does that make you? A kevin that like azzez?
Sassy  *  26-Nov-2013
Women needs different clothes to suit the ocassion
Truth  *  26-Nov-2013
This is practically all women. We always cant find anything to wear.
kevin  *  26-Nov-2013
women is azzez, they can never make up their mind
we are all not the same  *  25-Nov-2013
this picture only speaks to woman that just dont have anything to do with there money. They spend so much on making themselves look good and dem children go hungry strpz
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