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The Season Is Coming
Thursday, 3 November, 2016
1 Recommend
LG  *  4-Nov-2016
LOL>>LOL.... @ "Tek de case and gimme de pillow"...Sound like something Oliver Samuels would say... You'll are too much..LOL... But you guys can come anytime....LOL.... A Toonville Sleepover... cant wait..LOL
Whineup  *  4-Nov-2016
hehehe! well Hotta tek de case and gimme de pillow sms! am rolling
Hotta  *  4-Nov-2016
lolol, girl you is a case you hear
LG  *  4-Nov-2016
You'll acting like you'll don't remember sleeping 5 to a bed crossways! of a sudden everybody want own you going just have to sleep in shifts... Hotta is a rat-bat.. so she goin sleep during de day..Whineup can use Hotta sleeping bag during de night!
Whineup  *  4-Nov-2016
so where i going sleep??
Hotta  *  4-Nov-2016
iight cool, cats sleep anywhere...lolol...tonks
LG  *  4-Nov-2016
LOL.. No man, no man... I got space for you Hotta.. bring you sleeping bag and come... plus space on de couch and and in de garage....LOL
Hotta  *  4-Nov-2016
lolol... a hear you LG... so no room dere for wen i come to visit?
LG  *  4-Nov-2016
Hotta I'm as serious as a billionaire at a yard sale...LOL... LG love she discounts...LG is very "Frugal".. (a could hear call me cheap) the day after every holiday is when LG go shopping...Gyul me spare room full a clearance stuff....LOL
Hotta  *  3-Nov-2016
LG! on sale at de dalla store? you serious?
LG  *  3-Nov-2016
That is not look more like Mrs LG buy all her lights the day after New Years when they go on sale at the dollar store..
Whineup  *  3-Nov-2016
lolol LG ley go de ppl child mind......hehehe
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