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Welcome Back The Diaspora
Wednesday, 9 November, 2016
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LG  *  11-Nov-2016
Lioness...LG have learned the HARD way that when you bring people to you yard and mek them too comfortable....dem tun into Ants and doh wan no worries i will mek you comfortable and feed you..and treat you like family....chores, bills...yard work..dutty will be very
Hotta  *  11-Nov-2016
tek it ez Lioness
Lioness  *  11-Nov-2016
LG aint know she place, me nar come a you yard if a so you plan to treat me lol.
LG  *  11-Nov-2016 a de one that say you like de night life... So you will be in good company wid de other rat bats, crickets, birds of de night and so forth... LOL.. Sshh!... A goin be right out dey wid dem family coming from merica goin need good rest...dey haven't slept in the last 3 days
Hotta  *  10-Nov-2016
lolol LG on de varanda? I thought you love me, am so hurt, not even in de front room chair?
LG  *  10-Nov-2016
Femme.... I can tek een bout 4.. A will park de car on de side a de road and put Lioness & Hotta on de back veranda to sleep
Lioness  *  10-Nov-2016
This one sweet me LOL. LG your family on one those planes no?
Femme Pouvoir  *  10-Nov-2016
LG girl you do make me laugh. Pena from Mexico wont and the leaders here cant we just have to welcome them back.God not only blesses America but St Kitts/ Nevis
LG  *  9-Nov-2016
That's right.... Planes can fly over walls.. Toonman you forgot to draw the WAALLL... but wait dey.. Immigrants are the best Masonry people right.... Lawwrd..who goin build de wall when everybody leave.....Maybe the suits and the well educated housewives!
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