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Where's The Beef
Thursday, 17 November, 2016
2 Recommends
BornAgain  *  18-Nov-2016
Amen!!! LG i be praying for you, Lioness you too
LG  *  18-Nov-2016
You go right ahead and "preparest a table before me"...My mouth will get you in too much trouble.. but a trying... I'm a "Work In Progress"...LOL
BornAgain  *  18-Nov-2016
thank you love, hope you wont let me journey alone, we can all take this journey together
LG  *  18-Nov-2016
Okay Misses.. I will support your journey.. LOL
Bornagain  *  18-Nov-2016
hair, dreads or bald doesn't really bother me just as long as he loves me and treat me right LG and for the record i am not burnt out...smsssss
LG  *  18-Nov-2016
Whineup for the record... LG loves herself a "Sexy Bald Head, side burns Marlboro Man" LOL.. Some a dem wid hair no like comb it and LG nar mash up she Cuticles...LOL
LG  *  18-Nov-2016
@ Whineup aka Bornagain aka De whine too much or you battery Bun out... LOL... Classis example of dem ole CHUCH women playing saint.....LOL
Whineup aka Bornagain  *  18-Nov-2016
There is a new name written down in glory and its mine
Whineup  *  18-Nov-2016
Lioness leave my name alone please, i worse than you cause aint even got man or milk or beef, de whine too much for them, i had to born again n turn it down a notch
Lioness  *  18-Nov-2016
LG I neither got husband nor fiance LOL and my man aint bald either. That must be Whine Up ppl lol...
LG  *  17-Nov-2016
Lioness..... Feed your husband and mek him kip out a other people barn! LOL.. Twice this week now de man searching for food... lol... Wha you think you are? an Anniversary, holiday and Special Occasion wife? LOL
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