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Society and its Double Standards
Wednesday, 4 December, 2013
14 Recommends
Mzztrece  *  15-Dec-2013
this so true.....a woman can't be seen with two boys or more and society know say nothing :P but if it is the other way around is naturally prefect..... :)
Boogers bestfriend*  *  6-Dec-2013
I don't get why people getting mad at the cartoonist when he is just simply portraying what society says.. and "one of them" if you hold a bachelor's soon master as you say then you shouldn't even be offended by this drawing.
True  *  5-Dec-2013
Uhhh are you really Local? Local Gyal, I thought it was a Ram's supermarket bag. Maybe I am wrong.
Local Gyul  *  5-Dec-2013
I was actually thinking of commending the cartoonist for bringing this to our attention. Maybe I'm thinking too deep about the message portrayed, however why the short skirt and the "R" (which could mean RATCHET) to prove your point. Are you subconsciously agreeing with the backwards way of thinking? Does the R on the bag stands for RATCHET? Why didnt you dress the guy in sagging pants to further prove your point? If her skirt was any shorter she would catch more than a cold! So yes people will always judge based on what you portray. Its okay to have male friends, but It's how you portray yourself!
SO TRUE  *  5-Dec-2013
people are easily misjudge by small minded ppl... I make the clothes the clothes don't make me and because I have friends don't mean I am laying down with them... Some women genuinely prefers a male friend esp how some we women don't know the meaning of being a friend
one of them!  *  5-Dec-2013
How can you tell she is a......? how can you tell she is not educated??? Stop judging people!! Those men could be her closest friends or even family. A short skirt don't make you a stripper and association doesn't make you a dummy! I know because I am viewed like that n I hold a bachelor's degree soon masters and people think am stupid because of such!
Bond007  *  4-Dec-2013
we really have to re-educate the people anyway, it is everywhere folks not only in our beloved Federation.
Bob  *  4-Dec-2013
Quite True. If a woman does it she is a Wabeen. If a man does it he is Macho.
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