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Homework With Mom
Tuesday, 23 May, 2017
10 Recommends
Toon Fan  *  30-Jun-2017
Oh, boy.....Toon Man as I looked this morning for a clue in this last toon. It{s clear, Toon Man is not coming back. CLUE¨....#DEEP BREATH# and his Sentence (Alright for the last time) Dear Toon Man, I wish you all the best Toon Man. You surely did us well.
Hotta  *  29-Jun-2017
Awwww @Toon Fan thats so sweet, we all miss him and our toons
Toon Fan  *  29-Jun-2017
Dear Toon Man, I have always read and enjoyed your toons, some of them I laughed like crazy, others were something to think of; it has been more than a month now since we haven't seen any new toons. Just letting you know that your work is surely missed. Hope all is well and that you return soon.
cavelle  *  9-Jun-2017
@lioness that is what me a say pagin toonman please report to the band stand or the stage maybe he ran out a ideas gues we have to create we own tooville
Lioness  *  7-Jun-2017
Cavelle same thing i'm wondering, I wonder if he on vacation or something? TM way you, let us know what's happening.
Cavelle  *  31-May-2017
Well well toonman what happen? because your mother teach you to add wrong you can't put a new toon? oh well guess we have to suffer then. Please put a fresh toon or if you run out but a suggestion box
cavelle  *  31-May-2017
toonman what happen mommy send you to bed you can't come up with a new toon up to now strupz
Lioness  *  23-May-2017
De boy say 3 a wonder what u mother sending u school for?? But as she say u know all de latest games out lol. 2 black charlie u gonna get now lol.
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