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Another early Christmas gift
Monday, 23 December, 2013
3 Recommends
ok  *  12-Jan-2014
wow!! doesn't this man looks like the former or should I say, the "vacationing Fire Chief, Tim, Brother". this cartoonist is good..Kudos
thank god  *  2-Jan-2014
let him go home. he too wicket and like to keep down officers who are qualified, then give his kiss ass, dunce friends promotion. he victimized his officers, now he blaming the government for sending him home? society is laughing at you, Hester. why your brother is so quiet on the issue? Officers were complaining you to him too? the fire department is better off now. go rest you self. YOU HAVE FAILED. LOLOLOLOLOL
love me not  *  31-Dec-2013
a no so me boss gon on vaction so we on vacation
the boss  *  27-Dec-2013
a know who did this de person in nevis sms.
sexy t  *  27-Dec-2013
lollollollol me boss gone home
sunshine  *  27-Dec-2013
hester is that you??
Wid you Jeeep  *  25-Dec-2013
I totally agree
jeep  *  25-Dec-2013
let him take that in he is so he duh do his workers to people looking at it as politics but is complaints why he gone home go home and don't come back!!!
Hue  *  25-Dec-2013
Wow......Pam at it again
Bob  *  24-Dec-2013
Cartoonist is getting to be "anti-Douglas." Be careful.
Femme Pouvoir  *  24-Dec-2013
People dont be stupid that is Timo"s brother Rawlins getting his christmas gift and I wonder who is next in the Family
cONFUSED  *  24-Dec-2013
Who is that, is that C G?
Bond007  *  24-Dec-2013
Read the news...
Apple  *  24-Dec-2013 im confused.. some one please explain this to me
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