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Is this what we encourage?
Friday, 3 January, 2014
7 Recommends
Tracy Belle  *  12-Jan-2014
I am so glad that the cartoonist did this. From watching and reading the cartoon I realize the emphasis is on the CHILDREN carried those kind of places by ADULTS to watch those kind of VULGARITY or ADULTS behavior. Now, I saw an incident on Dec.26th,2013 @ Party Central, where these women was wuking up on stage and the DJ called a 9 year old girl to participate in it . I started shouting out to him, "tek she outta ah it, that's not her place to be". That was very distasteful. lord forbid, in the next year or 2, she belly big, everybody wants to know what happen. If we as adults exposed children to these things, what do we EXPECT, that they act all holy, NO!! Adults, those behavior by children are not CUTE or a LAUGING thing. STOP IT!! let them take their time to grow and enjoy childhood. I HATE it with a PASSION.
jfgjnmbghj  *  9-Jan-2014
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nevanusm  *  9-Jan-2014
@yhuuup you missed the point. the cartoonist placed emphasis on people who are no where near the height of the stage...
yhuuup  *  9-Jan-2014
Would you prefer we waltz or do the 2-step? The problem is not in and of itself the dancing but our societal values that are warped to place sexual currency to our actions. In some cultures nudity is a way of life yet remember in some countries women would be stoned for indecency simply for showing their eyes. We exported this dance to the world and then reimported it as vulgarity.
anonymous  *  9-Jan-2014
NO example shut up don't involve de PM in this u all put politics in everything... he came out like any other representative and participated in the festives! ughh I hate to hear awu illiteral people around here.. bk to the matter at hand yes I feel we as young women go a bit to far with the dancing
Shame  *  7-Jan-2014
Popular Caribbean culture, it's the main reason for the degradation of our West Indian women. And sadly they accept.
haha  *  7-Jan-2014
But these girls have on too much clothes tho. In reality, they're damn near NAKED!
libra  *  6-Jan-2014
dont like that kind of dancin it a disgrace
Local Gyul  *  6-Jan-2014
Its not only in Basseterre. Its wherever we gather & they are trying to pass this dry s@x off as dancing and it is NOT! It is a disgrace to see our young girls and old women too lowering themselves to this kind of behavior. Its very circus like and I dont see animals behaving this way!
No Example  *  6-Jan-2014
soft porn on the streets of Basseterre...and the PM was a part of it as well. What kind of example is that?
WUK it  *  6-Jan-2014
Wa Happen ? De girls dem Freaky Freaky !!! and it was indeed a freaky carnival lol ...but is so sad :(
Dirty Dancing  *  6-Jan-2014
parent  *  6-Jan-2014
the dancers have way too much clothes.
Observer  *  6-Jan-2014
That's the question I want answered too.
Pnaydo  *  6-Jan-2014
lol lmao rofl this is to much.. u mean to tell me is so bad they was going on during carnival? or wait?!.. which event this representing?
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