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   adult education   

     The Adult and Continuing Education Division of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College would be offering the following evening courses during the academic year 2011 2012


    CSEC /General Level                        CAPE – Advanced Level
    1.    English *                                             1.      Law Units 1 and 2
    2.    Principles of Accounts                     2.      Management of Business
    3.    Principles of Business                    3.      Sociology
    4.    Office Administration                        4.      Mathematics
    5.    Mathematics                                      5.      Communication Studies
    6     Information Technology*                 6.      Computer Science Unit 1
    7.    E.D.P.M.                                              7.      Economics
    8     Chemistry                                          8.       Caribbean Studies
    9.    Human and Social Biology            9.       History
    10. Physics                                              10.     Information Technology
    11   Social Studies                                 11.     Chemistry (module)
    1.    Introduction to Computers              6.      Effective Speaking
    2.    Sign Language                                 7.      Introduction to Psychology
    3.    Baking and Cake Making                8.      Journalism
    4.    Effective Writing                                9.      Woodwork for Women
    **Classes are scheduled to begin 12th September, 2011**
    Contact Number 465-2856 Ext. 109 or 145
    ADULTS ONLY: Functional Literacy Skills Classes
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