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Most Recent Death Announcements
The following are paid death announcements for St. Kitts and Nevis.
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Stafield Herbert
Origin: Lodge Village, St. Kitts
Resided: Fiennes Avenue, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 13-April-2014
 Age: 54
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Staff Nurse Agnes Rebecca Jefferson-Archibald
Resided: Parsons Village, St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
 Age: 58
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Enrico Fidel Prentice
Resided: Figtree Sandy Poin, St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
 Age: 51
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Iris Elaine Burke
Resided: Crab Hill Sandy Point, St. Kitts
 Died: 9-April-2014
 Age: 87
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Carmelita Elaine Jacobs
Resided: Ponds Pasture, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
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Ruthanne Lydia Bradshaw-Gilbert
Resided: Mansion Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 28-March-2014
 Age: 88
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Joseph Joe John Henry
Resided: Parray’s Village St. Peters, St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
 Age: 68
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Alfred Martin
Origin: Harris Village, St. Kitts
Resided: St. Thomas, St. Thomas
 Died: 3-April-2014
 Age: 59
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Rudolph Spencer Dowell
Resided: Pond's Extension, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 2-April-2014
 Age: 58
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Maxwell ‘Mackie’ Browne
Resided: New Road Housing Project, St. Kitts
 Died: 2-April-2014
 Age: 63
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Askeo Jared Farrell-Williams
Resided: West Farm, St. Kitts
 Died: 29-March-2014
 Age: 31
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Mavis Suzanna Archibald
Resided: St. Paul’s Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 30-March-2014
 Age: 72
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Ervine Elliott
Resided: St. Johnson Village, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 31-March-2014
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Esmine Thomas
Resided: Newton Ground Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 30-March-2014
 Age: 59
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Claudius Mathew
Origin: Phillip’s Village, St. Kitts
Resided: England
 Died: 27-March-2014
 Age: 76
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Laverne Merritt-Petty
Resided: Lime Kiln Extension, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 26-March-2014
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Caroline Agatha Felto
Resided: The Ghaut Sandy Point, St. Kitts
 Died: 21-March-2014
 Age: 85
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Gladys Williams-Joseph
Origin: New Castle, Nevis
Resided: Bronx, New York
 Died: N/A
 Age: 98
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  • Kurt Huggins
--    Died: 30-Mar-2014
  • Dr. David Boyd
95 yrs    Died: 28-Mar-2014
  • George Francis
58 yrs    Died: 27-Mar-2014
  • Glenford Gumbs Jr.
37 yrs    Died: 27-Mar-2014
  • Martha Agatha Henry
76 yrs    Died: 25-Mar-2014
  • Mrs. Mary Jane Bowry
87 yrs    Died: 14-Mar-2014
  • Mrs. Cordelia Inniss
76 yrs    Died: 19-Mar-2014
  • James Prince
--    Died: 16-Mar-2014
  • Allan Herbert-Morris
98 yrs    Died: 04-Mar-2014
  • Olive Herbert
--    Died: 13-Mar-2014
  • Hadiah Rawlins
31 yrs    Died: 12-Mar-2014
  • Anita Chumney
80 yrs    Died: 12-Mar-2014
  • Lillian Caines-Williams
--    Died: 15-Mar-2014
  • Harold Vincent Vigo
72 yrs    Died: 22-Feb-2014
  • Norton Ian Bowers
--    Died: 23-Feb-2014
  • Violet Agatha Douglas
--    Died: 08-Mar-2014
  • Glenford Benjamin Douglas
47 yrs    Died: 05-Mar-2014
  • Pearline Maurishow
89 yrs    Died: 02-Mar-2014
  • Enid Violet Monzac
90 yrs    Died: 23-Feb-2014
  • Enid Hodge
97 yrs    Died: 01-Mar-2014
  • Louisa Henrietta Bass
--    Died: 28-Feb-2014
  • Danford Sonny Williams
--    Died: not known
  • Avonel Petrula Hicks-Ruan
--    Died: 25-Feb-2014
  • Prince Gumbs
--    Died: not known
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