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Most Recent Death Announcements
The following are paid death announcements for St. Kitts and Nevis.
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Clarence Wooland
Resided: Carty’s Pasture Tabernacle, St. Kitts
 Died: 23-August-2014
 Age: 86
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Eulalie Dias
Resided: Boyd’s Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 23-August-2014
 Age: 82
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Randolph Caines
Resided: Kittstoddarts, St. Kitts
 Died: 15-August-2014
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Mildred Agatha Henry
Resided: Farms Site, Sandy Point, St. Kitts
 Died: 20-August-2014
 Age: 88
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Mr. Analdo Richards
Resided: Bird Rock, St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
 Age: 90
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Tim Knight
Resided: St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
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Conrad Daniel
Resided: St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
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Eva Evangeline Griffin
Resided: St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
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Steve Rawlins
Resided: Newton Ground Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 13-August-2014
 Age: 31
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George Ferlance
Resided: Crab Hill Sandy Point, St. Kitts
 Died: 12-August-2014
 Age: 75
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Malcolm Calendar
Origin: Boyd’s Village, St. Kitts
Resided: Trinidad
 Died: 7-July-2014
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Zachius Albert Parris
Origin: Nevis
Resided: Stapleton Village St. Peters, St. Kitts
 Died: 9-August-2014
 Age: 83
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Yvonne Alice Hector
Resided: Thibou Ave McKnight, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 4-August-2014
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Sandra Gumbs
Origin: Ponds Pasture, Basseterre, St. Kitts
Resided: Bronx, New York
 Died: 21-July-2014
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Janet Akers
Origin: College Housing Basseterre, St. Kitts
Resided: Tabernacle Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 7-August-2014
 Age: 102
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Pearline Welcome
Resided: James Ave, Molinuex, St. Kitts
 Died: 29-July-2014
 Age: 69
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Franklyn Robelto Devont
Resided: The Alley Sandy Point, St. Kitts
 Died: 1-August-2014
 Age: 50
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Brian Peter Francis
Resided: Soho Alley, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 25-July-2014
 Age: 48
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  • Earnest Albert Fleming
89 yrs    Died: 23-Jul-2014
  • Elizabeth Henry
--    Died: 21-Jul-2014
  • Albert Taylor Cozier
71 yrs    Died: 27-Jul-2014
  • Laughton Calvert Richards
89 yrs    Died: 21-Jul-2014
  • Clement Wilfred Bagnall
71 yrs    Died: 13-Jul-2014
  • Tavis Anthony Francis
21 yrs    Died: 12-Jul-2014
  • Cecil Sylvester Charles
27 yrs    Died: 12-Jul-2014
  • Glenville Hendrickson
--    Died: 12-Jul-2014
  • Desiree Veronica Hyliger
--    Died: not known
  • Patrick Riley
88 yrs    Died: 08-Jul-2014
  • Joseph Rouse
86 yrs    Died: 27-Jun-2014
  • Erskin Blanchette
61 yrs    Died: 18-Jul-2014
  • Malcolm Callender
--    Died: 07-Jul-2014
  • Kelvin Elroy Ottley
49 yrs    Died: 20-Jun-2014
  • Thensia Grey
35 yrs    Died: 20-Jun-2014
  • Rosanna Manners
98 yrs    Died: 20-Jun-2014
  • Norma Duport
--    Died: 17-Jun-2014
  • Alfonso Tony Williams
66 yrs    Died: 09-Jun-2014
  • Amos Benjamin
--    Died: 29-May-2014
  • Eunice Mallalieu
83 yrs    Died: 12-Jun-2014
  • Charles Liburd Prentice
100 yrs    Died: 10-Jun-2014
  • Nell Melvina French
--    Died: 11-Jun-2014
  • Ronald Alexander Samuel
32 yrs    Died: 10-Jun-2014
  • Edris Tyson
61 yrs    Died: 08-Jun-2014
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