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Most Recent Death Announcements
The following are paid death announcements for St. Kitts and Nevis.
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Clement Wilfred Bagnall
Origin: St. Kitts
Resided: Brampton,, Ontario
 Died: 13-July-2014
 Age: 71
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Tavis Anthony Francis
Resided: Cherry Ann Alley, Old Road, St. Kitts
 Died: 12-July-2014
 Age: 21
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Cecil Sylvester Charles
Resided: St. Peters, St. Kitts
 Died: 12-July-2014
 Age: 27
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Glenville Hendrickson
Resided: Hermitage Road, Old Road, St. Kitts
 Died: 12-July-2014
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Desiree Veronica Hyliger
Resided: Upper Market Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: N/A
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Patrick Riley
Resided: Soho Village, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 8-July-2014
 Age: 88
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Joseph Rouse
Origin: St. Paul’s Village, St. Kitts
Resided: Manchester, England
 Died: 27-June-2014
 Age: 86
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Erskin Blanchette
Resided: Tabernacle Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 18-July-2014
 Age: 61
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Malcolm Callender
Origin: Boyd’s Village, St. Kitts
Resided: Trinidad
 Died: 7-July-2014
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Kelvin Elroy Ottley
Resided: Old Road, St. Kitts
 Died: 20-June-2014
 Age: 49
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Thensia Grey
Resided: Kittstoddarts, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 20-June-2014
 Age: 35
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Rosanna Manners
Resided: Hull Ground Nevis, St. Kitts
 Died: 20-June-2014
 Age: 98
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Norma Duport
Resided: Verchild’s Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 17-June-2014
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Alfonso Tony Williams
Origin: Old Road, St. Kitts
Resided: Dallas, Georgia
 Died: 9-June-2014
 Age: 66
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Amos Benjamin
Origin: Dominica
Resided: Central Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 29-May-2014
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Eunice Mallalieu
Resided: St. Kitts
 Died: 12-June-2014
 Age: 83
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Charles Liburd Prentice
Origin: Nevis
Resided: Upper College Street, Basseterre, St. Kitts
 Died: 10-June-2014
 Age: 100
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Nell Melvina French
Resided: Harris’ Village, St. Kitts
 Died: 11-June-2014
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  • Ronald Alexander Samuel
32 yrs    Died: 10-Jun-2014
  • Edris Tyson
61 yrs    Died: 08-Jun-2014
  • Kishan Chandiramani
72 yrs    Died: not known
  • Joyann Diana Matthew
42 yrs    Died: 08-Jun-2014
  • Sarah Elizabeth Levine
90 yrs    Died: 30-May-2014
  • Carol Phillip
43 yrs    Died: not known
  • Katherine Thomas
87 yrs    Died: 26-May-2014
  • Conrad Morton
54 yrs    Died: 28-May-2014
  • Richard William Dupre
68 yrs    Died: 29-May-2014
  • Emily Rosina Conwell
70 yrs    Died: 23-May-2014
  • Robert Woodley
87 yrs    Died: 19-May-2014
  • Dave Alexander Morris
--    Died: not known
  • Serene Octavia Freeman
39 yrs    Died: 21-May-2014
  • Marian Sutton
--    Died: 13-May-2014
  • Ella Louise Buchanan
93 yrs    Died: 18-May-2014
  • Albert Edward Rogers
94 yrs    Died: 13-May-2014
  • Carlene Naomi Charles
51 yrs    Died: 08-May-2014
  • Edward Reginald Buchanan
69 yrs    Died: 13-May-2014
  • Bishop Stanley Ashton Edw...
83 yrs    Died: 09-May-2014
  • David Johnson
--    Died: 09-May-2014
  • Jeffroy Crosse
51 yrs    Died: 06-May-2014
  • Lionel Maynard
58 yrs    Died: 12-May-2014
  • Roslyn Liburd
--    Died: 26-Apr-2014
  • Alexandrina Liburd
--    Died: 09-May-2014
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