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   st. kitts past kings of carnival   

    2010 Pungwa
    2009 Socrates
    2008 Konris
    2007 Konris
    2006 Konris
    2005 Konris
    2004 Socrates
    2003 Ayatollah
    2002 Pungwa
    2001 Pungwa
    2000 Socrates
    1999 Ayatollah
    1998 Mighty Pat
    1997 Mighty Pat
    1996 Ayatollah
    1995 Phonsie
    1994 Phonsie
    1992 Ellie Matt
    1991 Lord ‘De Maths Too Hard
    1990 Ellie Matt
    1989 Socrates
    1988 Socrates
    1987 Starshield
    1986 Ellie Matt
    1985 Phonsie
    1984 Ellie Matt
    1983 Mark the First
    1982 Ellie Matt
    1981 Ellie Matt
    1980 Ellie Matt
    1979 Mallet
    1978 Ellie Matt
    1977 Starshield
    1976 Mallet
    1975 Sweeney
    1974 Ellie Matt
    1973 Ellie Matt
    1972 Entertainer
    1971 Entertainer


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