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Posted: Friday 4 January, 2008 at 10:16 AM
    Two conch divers swim to shore after having been lost at sea
    Terresa McCall
    ~~Adz:Left~~{Basseterre; St. Kitts} Two conch divers, who were reportedly "missing at sea" after they embarked on a customary dive exhibition, over the last weekend, were able to find their way to land before conditions at sea got the better of them.
    The men, who were identified only as “Alex” and “Jumpa”, were reportedly fishing and diving for conchs off the coast of Nevis. However, the two men could not be found by their boat pilot because of heavy rains at sea.
    SKNVibes understands that the boat pilot journeyed to Nevis in the vessel and contacted the St. Kitts Nevis Coast Guard Base and informed them of what had transpired.   SKNVibes also understands that a search team was deployed to look for the men but was later called off as night had fallen making it virtually impossible to locate the men in the water.
    The men, as SKNVibes understands, escaped the ordeal unharmed as they managed to swim to Nevis.
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