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Posted: Wednesday 15 October, 2008 at 3:51 PM

    Two years jail for wounding dominoes playmate


    By Pauline Waruguru


    Leroy Pemberton


    CHARLESTOWN, Nevis – HER MAJESTY’S PRISON will be the home of a Nevis resident for the next two years as punishment for wounding his playmate during a game of dominoes.


    Appearing before Magistrate Yasmine Clarke at the District “C” Magistrate’s Court, Leroy Pemberton was yesterday (Oct. 14) found guilty of wounding Dennis Maynard during a game of dominoes in Bricklyn.

    According to the Police Prosecutor, Inspector Trevor Mills, Pemberton wounded Maynard on Thursday, July 3, 2008 after returning to a dominoes game (he had earlier left) with a wooden bar in a polythene bag.


    Evidence led to prove that Pemberton hit Maynard on the head with the wooden bar, which caused the police to take him to the Alexandra Hospital where he was treated for his injuries and warded for four days.

    Pemberton, who was unrepresented, was given the opportunity by the Magistrate to question Maynard when he took the stand.


    Pemberton said Maynard had threatened to kill him, to which Maynard replied, “Stop tell lie…you and I drink together.”


    Pemberton responded by saying, “You drink my rum,” and, again, Maynard rebuked him: “Stop tell lie. You came back with a stick in a bag.”


    ~~Adz:Right~~ In his testimony, Constable Hodge, the officer who arrested Pemberton, said when he reached the scene of the incident at about 9.30 p.m., he saw blood oozing from Maynard’s head and he gave him a medical form and shortly after took him to the hospital.


    During cross-examination, Inspector Mills told Pemberton that he did hit Maynard and produced in court the stick with which he used to attack him.


    “He threatened me,” Pemberton responded, “he had a stone in his hand and he said he would kill me. He doesn’t like me…I did not intend to cut him.”


    The Prosecutor told Pemberton that Maynard did not hit or threatened him, but “you lost the game and got vexed”.


    Before passing sentence, Magistrate Clarke said, “I do not believe he threatened you. Even if I were to accept he threatened you, you should not take the law into your hands. I do not believe he threatened you. I find you guilty.”


    She also informed the court that it was not the first time Pemberton had appeared before her; he had been there on several occasions.


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