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   secondary schools   

    All children at the age of 11+ - 12 years are eligible to transfer from primary school to secondary school. There is no Common Entrance Examination. Children from feeder schools attend the secondary school to which they are assigned; except in the case of Basseterre, where a process of “stratified” random selection is used to assign Form One students to the two secondary schools in Basseterre. This process ensures that both schools are relatively matched at the first form level.


    Although repeating students at any grade is not normally done at the primary level, repeating a student is allowed at the discretion of the school and in consultation with the parents. The Ministry of Education, however, prefers that if a child were to be repeated, it should be done once only at an earlier grade, for example, at any Grade between 1- 5, not at Grade Six. A child who is not yet 12 years can, however, be repeated at Grade Six.
    Some students who consistently perform below average may withdraw or have to withdraw in the Fourth Form, and those who proceed to the Fifth Form write the CXC exams at either general, technical or basic proficiency level. Withdrawals at the Fourth Form level are typically students in the low streams.


    Students who exit school at the Fourth Form level either enter directly into the ‘world of work’ or sharpen their employment skills for the world of work at a post-secondary institution. They may enroll in a programme at an Advanced Vocational Centre (AVEC) or the National Skills Training Programme.
    Those students who continue onto Fifth Form and obtain five passes in the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) General Proficiency Examinaiton have a choice of either entering the world of work immediately or pursue higher education offered by the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) in St.Kitts and Sixth Form in Nevis.


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