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Posted: Saturday 1 April, 2017 at 9:30 PM

Six Guidelines From My Life Experience

By: Adam Anderson, OPEN Interactive, Inc.

    As a parent of two adult children (shown above) who are discovering themselves and what they intend ‘be’, I recently prepared and shared some ‘dad advice’.  As an entrepreneur, much of life has been trial and error yet there are a few guiding principles that have served my journey well.  Each of us have divine potential and oftentimes, our professional reality is far from what our spirit desires.


    It is my hope that these guidelines might be helpful for anyone looking to align professionally with a sustainable and joyful profession.  


    Life advice Part 1 (Opportunity).


    Opportunity is free and abundant -- it’s everywhere if you but open your eyes and listen for it. Our ability to see and fashion sustainability, having discerned 'opportunity' requires our courage, willingness to adapt, and our full commitment. Let your inner inspiration and passion drive this process. Allow for setbacks as they are your teacher. Allow yourself to embrace positivity and success. Aligned with your Purpose you will fast discover an economically sustainable and rewarding pathway.


    Life advice Part 2 (Vision).


    There are two realities. You will find yourself supporting someone else's vision, hoping they will equitably share based on your belief and contributions. Or, you will lead with your vision where others will align to help you build. Possessing a noble vision and your ability to communicate and create with integrity is the safest pathway to sustainable success. Supporting another's vision is perfectly okay if they are honorable and equitable. A season to build perspective and skills is never wasted as you prepare someday to lead.


    Life advice Part 3 (Skills).


    In a competitive marketplace your skills, attitude, and a desire to excel will set you apart. Developing your skills will require you to go the extra mile, research, study, and take on projects others avoid.  Be thirsty always to acquire knowledge to become proficient and versatile.  Entrepreneurs who excel in this new global economy leverage their skills to innovate, produce, and manage teams.  Find mentors who are experts with past proven success, and avoid being recruited by others who lack skills, experience, or integrity.


    Life advice 4 (Co-creation).


    Too many people believe that through clever business, they can 'tap' into what others have labored to create. So-called middlemen and brokers look for another's wealth to draft off of. Rather than feel entitled to the fruits of another, look to 'co-create' with the right partner where arrangements and contributions are equally yoked. Don't rush the process but allow for the Universe to move your co-creation forward. Patience and full commitment are essential attributes.


    Life advice 5 (Focus)


    Every idea, relationship, or venture requires 'space'. If you are divided in focus or have too many 'plan b' options, nothing of consequence can be created and more often than not, months or years later the epiphany. What we label 'excuses', 'bad partners', or 'lack of funding' is actually mapped by a divided and watered down focus, commitment, or discipline. Prepare the space you need to Create, then put your full might behind this creation.


    Life advice 6 (Flow)


    Forget Ego, forget status, forget visions of $ millions. Instead, recognize that when you are integrated with your Self and Purpose you will be guided and directed in your critical business decisions. To the extent you let integrity drive, abundance follows. Whatever is needed will show up be-it talent, funding, or opportunity. Fear and life distractions (behavior inconsistent with your higher Self) block the Flow. Learn to live in this Flow.


    As a co-founder of the OPEN Creative Campus in the Fortlands, our sole mission is to provide a space and place that develops and empowers the creative and entrepreneur class within the Federation.


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