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Posted: Tuesday 2 May, 2017 at 10:15 AM

Be Restored

By: Bertram Charles

    Scripture: John 21: Verse 17 


    Jesus was preparing his disciples for his trial, suffering, death and resurrection. He affirmed to his disciples that the Shepherd would be smitten and the sheep would scatter, but the Good Shepherd would gather, collect the scattered flock, would go before them and lead them to peace, security and happiness.  

    Peter would have no part of this discourse. He was quick tempered and the spokesman for the other disciples. Sometimes he uttered good sayings from his heart and at other times he spoke from his head in representing them.  

    Peter continued that though other men be offended because of Jesus Christ, he would never be offended. He expressed his love, faithfulness and loyalty to Jesus to the extent that he would die for him. 

    Jesus invited his disciples to go to the garden of Gethsemane and wait until he returned. When Jesus returned, he found Peter and the other disciples sleeping.  They could not stay awake. Peter stated that he would die for Jesus but he could not stay watch with him.
    Jesus forewarned Peter that: before the cock crow three times he would deny him, he would declare that he never knew Jesus and that he had no connection with him.  

    This was enough to put Peter on guard not to trust in his own strength or might, but he did not take heed of the words of Jesus. Before the night was done, Peter drew his sword and smote the ear of the high priest’s servant. Jesus healed the servant’s ear and instructed Peter to put away the sword. “If you live by the sword you would die by the sword.”   

    Peter kept his distance from Jesus in the back of the crowd but the former servant identified him as the one who had cut off his ear and Peter denied it was him. It was the second time he denied Jesus and he began cursing in the words of fishermen.  

    The third time Peter was warming himself with the crowd when he denied that he was a disciple of Jesus Christ and immediately the cock crowed. Peter not only denied Jesus  but he forsook Christ at the cross.

    Peter’s denials of Jesus were enough to disqualify him to be an apostle and shepherd of the flock, but the Lord’s mercy and grace were sufficient to restore him to Jesus Christ and God.  

    After the resurrection, Jesus appeared with his disciples and Peter was given the opportunity to correct his errors, to make right his wrong by a triple confession that reminded him of denying Jesus three times. Peter was penitent and repentant and he was reconciled and restored to God to be an apostle and a fisher of  men and women.
    We can also have our sins forgiven, be reconciled and restored as children of God.
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