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Posted: Friday 5 May, 2017 at 8:10 AM

The Virtuous Woman

By: Bertram Charles

    Scripture: Proverbs 31: Verse 10 


    Mother’s Day is celebrated on the Second Sunday in May, a time when flowers are in bloom. Mother’s Day is a special occasion for children to honour their mothers (adopted mothers, step mothers and other mothers) and show appreciation for their love and caring. 

    The attributes and characteristics of a good woman or wife include, but not limited to as follows:

    She is a woman of strength, dignity and trustworthiness. She knows how to manage other people. A virtuous woman is a woman of resolution who having married is firm and steady to her husband through thick and thin.

    An upright woman or mother is rare. Good women are scarce. She is invaluable.  Her price is far above gold. No quantity of precious stones or jewellery can be equal to her worth. 

    A good mother is a good wife. She is an asset to her husband. She takes care that proper provision is made for the household. The husband reposes his confidence in her. He trusts in her conduct that she will act in all affairs with prudence and discretion. He will confide in her to order all of his affairs at home. She contributes to her husband’s happiness. He thinks himself so happy in his wife that he does not envy others with the wealth of this world. He is satisfied having such a wife. He is known in the community as having a good wife. 

    A good woman understands the duties of a wife. She hates to sit still and do nothing. She is diligent and always doing something to improve the home. She rises up early to prepare food for her household. She does not neglect her own appearance. She provides attractive clothing for herself.

    She is a good economist. She knows how to stretch the dollar from the money given to her to manage the household.
    She is a dollar stretcher. She is a seamstress. She does not buy readymade clothes.  She gets the raw materials and makes clothes for the household. She gets food from her garden to cook and to share with others. She does not get in debt. She does not credit articles that she cannot afford to pay on demand. She has business sense and is like a merchant. She buys and sells products. She is also like a banker who is thrifty and always saving for the rainy day.

    She is charitable and extends her hands to the needy and to the poor. She is blessed.

    In the home she offers faithful instructions on educational, social, religious  and economic training  to her children. 

    They rise up, pay due respect and call their mother blessed. Her husband is satisfied with her conduct towards himself, his household, his business, their children that he praises her and she is highly praised in the community.

    A virtuous woman is hard to find. 
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