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Posted: Friday 12 May, 2017 at 3:56 PM

Baiting and 'Story' Recruitment

By: Opinion, Concerned Citizen

    Seems worldwide politics have run amuck.  Trump and all the non-sense going on in the USA.  Appears that governance for the people by the people too easily succumbs to special interests, personal interests -- and the “we the people” unwittingly become the audience to an insidious ‘show’ of malfeasance.


    Let’s take the latest tale of a Chinese national who is accused of swindling over US$100M from a Chinese-state firm, was granted citizenship under the Federation’s Citizenship by Investment programme in 2013 and is said to be residing in St. Kitts with his wife and school-aged son.


    This story was broken regionally.  Now, forgive me for being blunt but this political football was intentionally tossed on the field by pandering political actors, and according to script, the good people of SKN are now temporarily consumed by this national narrative 


    Let’s look at the pathology.  Who broke the news? What was cited?  What evidence was provided? Just some soundbite from a regional radio outlet. What juicy tidbit of hearsay was planted in this ‘breaking news’?


    Awwww but of course! There was talk about ‘protection money’ -- sigh.  No proof.  Not in the original story, not after the story.  Just a loose reference to the alleged fraudster -- calling home indicating he "needed money for protection".  Almost laughable.  So we are to trust this intercepted ‘rumor’ of some desperate man thought to be a fraudster, that was planted in a news release as truth? As fact?  Please!


    I guess Labour talking heads felt this was enough.  Yes, they are lawyers and professionals that know better, yet here they stand -- demanding that the PM address the nation to denounce his involvement in extorting protection money. They cry corruption, foul play! Puffing their chest from what they KNOW to be an unfounded, un-cited rumor!  Mucking up all kinds of aspersions that border if not cross over into outright libel and slander.  What about ‘their’ integrity? This behavior is chilling, appalling, and lacks authenticity and integrity.   It’s dirty politics and it diminishes progress.  Next, in response the dust-storm they have whipped up for all of us to choke on, we have the entire government communications apparatus distracted from the focus of the country, for what!?  To quash pixy-dust!  A complete waste of time and national focus.


    And this is the cycle that perpetuates.  Next week the opposition will cry foul again... and for what motivations?  THINK people.. what motivations.  My advice? Stop believing every story at face value.  Look a bit deeper.  You will discover that 90% of this is just noise, unworthy of your time and energy.  And the net result of following rumors and malaise is that the good people of St. Kitts grow to distrust their government because some dishonest people are seeking power at all costs -- at YOUR expense!


    Stop accepting every story as ‘truth’. Stop giving energy and focus without digging deeper.  Start working on the betterment of St. Kitts and Nevis, the economy, the health of GDP drivers.  On a personal note, I am SICK to see this repeated behavior and practice of opportunists who manufacture 'political expediency' to ERODE such core institutions critical to SKN such as the CIU and the CBI product.  Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!  Haven’t we done this one too many times before?




    Stories are just stories. They DO NOT all require our attention.  Ask yourself before reacting ‘what is the source’, ‘what is being cited’, and ‘why so much noise’?  Who is this serving? You? Your family? Or some politician who seeks to diminish government and core economic drivers to get some airtime?!


    I’m pretty sick of this cycle. You should be too!  


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