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Posted: Saturday 12 August, 2017 at 8:30 AM

God and Mammon (Part 1)

By: Bertram Charles

    Scripture: Luke 16: Verse 13 


    The word “Mammon” is used in the Gospels to signify money, riches, wealth and the world.  Nothing is wrong in having riches or wealth. We work because we need money in order to live.  We cannot live without money. Riches and money become Mammon when the elements of greed, covetousness and the love of money become supreme in the search of getting rich. It is the love of money.

    Riches and Wealth

    Those who serve Mammon are driven by greed and covetousness. There is the crave to become rich. They err from the faith and make the most fatal and ruinous departure from God. They kill, rob, steal, extort, plunder, go to war and would do anything to try to satisfy their unquenchable and excessive desire to become wealthy.

    They would engage in investment fraud, schemes and scams in their determination to get riches.  Making money is their only object and aim in life. Some people believe that money would give them everything they would want. They think that money talks, open doors, give access to power, offers happiness, love, pleasure and security. 

    Lovers of money have no time for God in the scraping, gathering and saving of money.  Sometimes they neglect themselves and their families in their love of money. They become slaves to the love of money. Benevolent and generous feelings of sharing with others and assisting others become non-existent. Charity is unknown. Selfishness absorbs the soul. 

    The Apostle Paul considers these persons like sailors in a storm driven violently by the winds, the waves and the tide with the boat driven among the rocks. It is dashed to pieces and in a moment they are all engulfed in the great deep sea. Such is the lot and unavoidable catastrophe of them that would love money and serve Mammon.

    True wealth comes only when we place our trust in God and grow in our life with Him. That is why Jesus counsels us that we should store up treasures  in heaven rather than storing up treasure on earth.
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