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Posted: Saturday 30 September, 2017 at 8:10 AM

A heart and mind to work – Part 1

Bertram Charles

    Nehemiah was a man of prayer, courage, perseverance and a cup bearer to the king. The Temple was rebuilt, the people were settled but there was one other good work to be done. The gates of the City wall had been burned with fire. The City was unsecured. The people could easily be invaded by the enemy. 


    Nehemiah was concerned about the condition of the City and the commission he obtained from the king to go ahead in building the wall of Jerusalem, notwithstanding the opposition he met in building the wall.  

    He had a heart and mind to build the Wall; to restore dignity, honour and pride to the people. 

    Nehemiah wept, he mourned, he fasted, and he prayed to God to build the Wall. He called all the rulers of  the tribes, the elders and the people to join hands together to build the Wall. 

    They were committed, dedicated and determined to build the wall. The gates of hell could not prevail against them. Nothing could stop them from their task because they had a mind to work.  They were not afraid of anybody in doing the job. They had put their trust and faith in God. The battle was the Lord’s and they were assured of victory. 

    Discouragement was no longer a weapon that could be used against them. Everybody from all walks of life joined in the building of the Wall. There were professionals, tradesmen, merchants, goldsmiths, women and children contributed  according to their skills and abilities. Their stations and statuses in life did not excuse them from working on the Wall. They did not say or plead that they could not leave their businesses to do the work of the Lord. They knew that what they lost in closing their businesses would certainly be made up tenfold to them by the blessings of God upon their callings. 

    The people had a heart and mind to work, so the Sanballats, the Tobiahs and the Geshems could not stop them from building the Wall. The conspiracies, the threats, the plots and the intimidations did not work.

    Five letters to Nehemiah to take him off the job could not stop him. He was doing a great work and he had a heart and mind to finish the job.
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