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Posted: Wednesday 1 November, 2017 at 8:21 AM

Like unto us

By: Bertram Charles

    Scripture: James 5: Verse 17 


    The Apostle James reminds us that Prophets and other Bible Characters who performed miracles and did amazing deeds were regular men and women just like us. 

    They patiently endured the same evils, misfortunes and calamities that we undergo. They suffered from diseases, infirmities, sicknesses, temptations, afflictions, discouragements and  persecutions and were subject to hunger, weariness and death.

    James cites two men with natures as ours and with like passions who endured and were restored and reconciled to God.

    Firstly, Job was stripped of all his worldly possessions, deprived of his children, tortured in body with sores and disease, tempted by the devil, harassed by his wife and ridiculed by his friends.

    Job prayed, trusted in God, held on to His unchanging hand and submitted to God. 

    God restored Job’s original blessings, doubled his riches, increased his family and extended his life span.

    Secondly, Elijah was also subject to like passions as we are today. 

    There was a drought in the land but God provided maintenance and sustenance for Elijah. He was fed by ravens morning and evening with bread and flesh and with water from the brook.  When the brook dried up, a widow took him in. She obeyed Elijah and shared her last meal with her son and Elijah. He revived her son who was sick unto death.  

    Elijah had performed miracles, but when he was threatened by Jezebel, in his moment of discouragement and despair, he went into the wilderness under a juniper tree and wanted to die.  

    By and through his prayer Elijah was restored to his original state of fellowship with God. 

    In like manner God hears and answers our prayers that are effectual, fervent, energetic, enthusiastic, earnest, faith-based and continuous without ceasing.
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