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Posted: Tuesday 19 December, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Obey and honour your parents

By: Bertram Charles

    Scripture: Ephesians 6: Verses 1 – 2. 


    The Almighty God commands all children to obey and to honour their parents in the Lord. The duties of children to their parents are to obey them; revere them and respect them. Children include every sex; male and female; of every age; of every state and condition. 

    Parents do not only apply to natural parents or immediate offspring but is extended to grandparents; step mothers and fathers; guardians; adopted parents and those acting in the place of parents, as teachers or others charged with the supervision and control of children while under their management.  

    Children should obey parents in all good and lawful things but not in things that are unlawful and contrary to the law of God. Obedience to parents is right and just because it is the Law and Will of God.
    Young people, if you are willing and obedient to your parents, you would eat the good of the land and enjoy the blessings of the land. You would study hard with good grades  in school; you would prosper in all that you do: physically, mentally and spiritually. If you refuse and rebel you would be devoured with the sword. (Isa. 1: 19-20).  

    If you disobey your parents and those in authority, you are subject to all kinds of curses; you would not be able to study properly in school; there would always be problems with other students; fights; arguments; disruption in classes; expulsion from school; failures and dropouts.  Disobedience to parents often brings the judgment of God on children, so they do not die a natural death but are suddenly destroyed, cut down and that without remedy.

    Children not only have the duty to obey their parents but they are also obligated to respect and honour them. When you honour your parents you would be rewarded with prosperity and the promise of living a long life. The length of long life is a blessing with so many young people dying from street justice out of control.  

    It is also the duty of children to honour their elderly parents by providing and caring for them as long as you have the ability and capacity to take care of them. You should assist your aging and declining parents to show your love, reverence, appreciation and gratitude to them, for all of their sorrow, pain, sacrifice and hardship they endured in rearing you from infancy to adulthood.
    To assist your elderly parents is honourable,  good, perfect and acceptable to the Lord.
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