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Posted: Tuesday 18 February, 2020 at 11:36 AM

SKNFA matches played Fri 14th - Sun 16th February 2020

    U - 17 Youth League  
    at Newtown Playing Field 

    Newtown 0 - 1  Cayon

    Scoring for Cayon 
    Kelab Bridgewater 21st min 

    Yellow cards 
    Analdre Fyfield (newtown) 18th min 
    Ronald Williams (cayon) 44th min 
    Junius Jeffers (cayon) 60th min 
    Elvin Defreitas (newtown) 81st min 

    ***Officials were  Maliik Liburd & Tyra Wilkinson  

    Spurs  vs  Youth & Experience 
    * Youth & Experience did not show up in time for kickoff. 

    *** Officials were Tyrone Nisbett & Latoya James 

    at Bath Playing Field 
    Bath Utd  5 - 1  Village Superstars 

    Scoring for Bath 
    Jalden Taylor 6th min 
    Rocco Browne 22nd min 
    Taij Jeffers 60th min 
    Omarion Bartlette 65th min 
    Jahmaine Bartlette  71st min

    Scoring for Village 
    Jabez Dorsett 35th min  

    Yellow cards 
    Rocco Browne (bath) 63rd min 
    Jelani Willett ( village ) 69th min 

    *** Officials were Jason Audain, Jasmine Charles & Kenwin Collins 


    U - 13 SKNFA Premier Youth Cup 
    at the Gardens 

    Spurs  3 - 0  St.Pauls 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Terron Pemberton 2 goals 29th & 42nd min 
    Kisaviae Williams 36th min 

    Yellow card 
    Nquan Francis (st.pauls ) 35th min 

    *** Official was Rasheem Hopkins  

    at St. Peters 

    St.Peters  1 - 2  Newtown 

    Scoring for Newtown 
    Zarique Bradshaw 2 goals - 10th & 29th min 

    Scoring for St. Peters 
    Zahyeed Pemberton 14th min 

    Yellow card 
    Leshorn Henry (st,Peters) 23rd min 

    *** Official was Kenni Martin 

    at Cayon 

    Cayon  1 - 1 Bath Utd 

    Scoring for Cayon 
    Teandre Burroughs 22nd min 

    Scoring for Bath Utd 
    Jaheem Hazel 15th min 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan 

    Molyneaux  vs  Sandy Point 

    * Sandy Point did not show up for the match 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan 
    Atiba Harris  U - 15 League 
    at Cayon 

    Cayon  5 -  0  Bath Utd 

    Scoring for Cayon 
    Jahzion Decosta 2 goals - 30th & 45th min 
    Devonte Tuckette struck twice 42nd & 62nd min 
    Tyquandre Burroughs 57th min 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan 

    Molyneaux  vs  Sandy Point 

    * Sandy Point did not show up for the match 
    *** Caldon Duncan 

    at the Gardens 

    Spurs  2 - 3  St. Pauls 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Caldre Liburd 39th min 
    Raphique Morris 51st min 

    Scoring for St Pauls 
    Vhyronjai Francis struck twice 4th & 64th min 
    Zarick Francis 7th min 

    Yellow Card 
    Vhyronjai Francis ( St. pauls) 47th min 

    Red Card 
    Zarick Francis (st.Pauls) 53rd min 
    ( Serious foul Play) 

    *** Officials were Delroy Jeffers, Rasheem Hopkins & Deon Whyte 

    at Newton Ground Playing Field 

    Bath Utd  6 - 0  Newton Ground Fc 

    Scoring for Bath Utd
    Rocco Browne 25th min 
    Rashawn Browne 51st min 
    Shaquille Hobson 56th min 
    Brandel Meade 2 goals (pk) 65th min & 67th min 
    Kenwin Collins 70th min 

    Yellow Cards 
    Shaquille Hobson (bath) 12th min 
    Davern Rouse (newton ground) 64th min 

    ***  Officials were Johmal Allen & Shane Browne 

    at Bath Playing Field in Nevis 

    Hardtimes FC  3 - 0  Electrofab Sandy Point

    Scoring for Hardtimes 
    Resean Maynard 28th min 
    Sheldon Browne 46th min 
    Kyran  Liburd 64th min 

    Yellow  Card 
    Bryan Anderson (sandy point) 69th min 

    *** Officials were Jermaine Wickham, Kazel Williams & Jason Audain 

    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    S L Horsford's St. Pauls Utd  1 - 2  H E Garden Hotspurs  

    Scoring for St.Pauls 
    Kalongi Clarke 52nd min 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Steve Archibald 25th min 
    Akio Benjamin 85th min 

    Yellow Cards for St. Pauls 
    Omar Francis 39th min 
    Jakiel Leader 50th min 
    Kalongi Clarke 60th min 
    Ajah Jules 77th min 
    Taju Clarke 90th min 

    Yellow Cards for Spurs 
    Shaquille Adams 14th & 78th min 
    Akio Benjamin 84th min 

    Red Card for Spurs 
    Shaquille Adams 78th min 
    (receiving a 2nd yellow card during the match )

    *** Officials were Kimbell Ward, Graeme Browne, Mario Parry & Trevester Richards 
    RA: Malcolm Ramsey 
    GC: Lawson Archibald 


    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    Match # 1 
    Mantab FC  3 - 1  Trafalgar Southstars 

    Scoring for southstars 
    Delon Morton (pk) 63rd min 

    Scoring for Mantab 
    Jermaine Carey scored hat trick 72nd, 73rd & (pk) 75th min 

    Yellow cards for Mantab 
    Kenston Alford 49th min 
    Elroy Carey 56th min 

    Yellow cards for southstars 
    Sankofa Benjamin 17th min 
    Sean Percival 84th min 

    *** Officials were Nicholas Rose, Shakel Campbell, Kenwin Collins & Maliik Liburd 
    RA: Kenni Martin 
    GC: Michelle Collins 

    Match #2 
    Sol  Island Auto Conaree  4 - 0  Elco Ltd Security Forces United 

    Scoring for Conaree 
    Kadeem Lewis hat trick - 70th, 72nd & 88th min 
    Yuson Slader 85th min 

    Yellow cards 
    Niquan Francis (conaree) 50th min 
    Kenroy Hodge(security forces) 65th min 
    Shevene Boston (security forces ) 79th min 

    Red card 
    Kevin Benjamin (conaree) 78th min 
    (Denying an obvious goal scoring opportunity) 

    *** Officials were Tristley Bassue, Jason Rouse , Latoya James & Zoend Browne 
    RA: Delroy Jeffers 
    GC: Derrick Fyfield 

    S-Krave Newtown Utd  0 - 6  St. Peters FC 

    Scoring for St.Peters 
    Tijhaun Isaac 2 goals - 5th & 40th min 
    Devonte Fahie struck twice - 34th min & 56th min 
    Kareem Simmonds 51st min 
    Tyquan Tyrell (pk) 70th min 

    Yellow cards 
    Shashi Isaac (newtown) 1st min 
    Delroy Barzey (st.peters) 7th min
    Kareem Harris (st. peters) 39th min 
    Kimron Browne (newtown) 42nd min 

    *** Officials were Trevester Richards, Jaden Rouse, Yohan Henderson & Reginald Gumbs 
    RA: Kendrea Tully 
    GC: Kevin Gerald 
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