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Posted: Monday 10 February, 2020 at 4:25 PM

SKNFA matches played Fri 7th - Sun 9th February 2020


    at the Gardens playing field 

    Match #1

    Bath Utd vs  Dieppebay  Youth stars
    *Dieppe bay did not show up for the match 

    ***  Officials were Maliik Liburd, Shakel Campbell & Kazel Williams 

    Match #2 
    Village  4 - 2  Cayon 

    Scoring for Village 
    Jabez Dorset hat trick 8th, 27th & 44th min 
    Samani Williams 46th min 

    Scoring for Cayon 
    Ronaldo Williams hat trick 6th, 24th & (pk) 59th min 

    *** Officials were Sanchez Bass, Delroy Jeffers & Latoya James 
    at Sandy Point 

    Sandy Point  5 - 1  Youth & Experience 

    Scoring for Sandy Point 
    Jahlyan Burt 2nd min 
    Roshawn Daniel 6th min 
    Itandre Shield 26th min 
    Deontre Eddy 63rd min 
    Deacon Eddy 77th min 

    Scoring for Youth & Experience 
    Zarick Francis 36th min 

    *** Officials were Zoend Browne, Steadroy Douglas & Jaden Rouse  


    U 13 Youth league 
    at Molineaux

    Spurs  1 - 0 Cayon 

    Scoring for Spurs
    Jase Greene 19th min 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan

    Molineaux  0 - 0  Dieppebay 

    *** Official was Latoya James 

    Bath  2 - 1  St. Pauls 

    Scoring for Bath 
    A J Parris 25th min 
    Adrian Williams 74th min 

    Scoring for St.Pauls 
    Nquan Francis 11th min 

    *** Official was Jason Audain 

    at Newtown 
    Newtown  3 - 1 Strikers 

    *** Official was Charnel Arthurton 

    U - 15 Youth League 
    at Molineaux 

    Molineaux  5 - 1 Dieppebay 

    Scoring for Molineaux 
    Kemell French 2 goals 17th & 57th min 
    Rondell Williams 2 goals 32nd & 43rd min 
    Odarion Jeffers 69th min 

    Scoring for Dieppebay 
    Jermahol Huggins 68th min 

    Red card 
    Isaac Davis (molineaux) 69th min 
    (For abusive and insulting language to the referee) 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan 

    Cayon  2 - 2  Spurs 

    Scoring for Cayon
    Tenron Henry 27th min 
    Adrian Berridge 50th min 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Omary Morris 20th min 
    Caldre Liburd 60th min 

    *** Official was Caldon Duncan

    at Limekiln Playing Field 
    Village  vs  St. Peters 

    * St.Peters did not show up for the match 

    *** Official was Tahirah Willock 

    at Bath Playing Field 
    Bath Utd  1 - 0 St.Pauls 

    Scoring for Bath 
    Vibert Stephens 19th min 

    *** Officials were Jason Audain, Kazel Williams & Elston Williams 

    at Newtown Playing field 
    Newtown  2 - 0  Strikers 

    *** Officials were Charnel Arthurton, Kenni Martin and Juson Gordon

    DIVISION 1  
    at the Gardens Playing field 

    Rivers of Living Water  0 - 1 TGE Dieppe Bay Eagles

    Scoring for Dieppe Bay 
    Jason Phipps 75th min 

    Yellow card
    Deshan Caines (Dieppe bay) 71st min 

    *** Officials were Zoend Browne, Jasmine Charles & Kenwin Collins 

    at Ottleys Playing field 

    Molineaux  vs Hardtimes 

    ** Hardtimes FC did not show up for the match 

    *** Officials were Reginald Gumbs & Kenni Martin 

    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    Rams Village Superstars   4 - 0  H E Garden Hot spurs

    Scoring for Village 
    Ordell Flemming 25th min 
    Carlos Bertie 2 goals 37th & 54th min 
    Joseph Wilkes 90th +4 

    Yellow Cards 
    Leroy Hanley (village) 15th min 
    Ordell Flemmind Village 35th min 
    Kareem Herbert ( spurs ) 47th min 

    *** Officials were Nicholas Rose, Graeme Browne, Jaden Rouse & Judell Matthew 
    RA: Lloyd Rouse
    GC: Shanwa Broadbelt

    International Friendly 

    SKN MEN'S U - 20   8  - 0  ANGUILLA MEN'S U - 20 

    Scoring for SKN 
    Kaylon Liburd 2nd min 
    Kalonji Clarke 8th min 
    Tiquanny Williams hat trick (pk)26th, 43rd & 56th min 
    Ilivity Pemberton 2 goals 60th & 70th min 
    Quanieki Clarke 76th min  

    *** Officials were Khamala Harding Hodge (ANU); Lenroy Parris (SKN); Jason Rouse (SKN) & Sanchez Bass (SKN)
    RA: Malcolm Ramsey 
    GC: Michelle Collins 


    Premier Division 
    at Warner Park Football Stadium 


    St. Peters   6  -  0  Trafalgar Southstars 

    Scoring for St. Peters 
    Tyquan Tyrell 3rd min 
    Kareem Simmonds 12th min 
    Kirkland Harris 14th min 
    Oszani Purcell 75th min 
    Devonte Fahie 89th min 
    Dionis Stevens 90th + 2mins 

    Yellow Card
    Julan Gordon (st.Peters) 82nd min 

    *** Officials were Judell Matthew, Yohan Henderson, Rasheed Moore and Zoend Browne 
    RA: Troy Mills 
    GC: Dexter Tyrell 


    S L Horsford's St. Pauls United  3 - 2  Mantab FC 

    Scoring for St. Pauls 
    Keithroy Freeman 2 goals - (pk) 5th &  90th min 
    Akimba Lawrence 21st min 

    Scoring for Mantab 
    Eversley Davis 13th min 
    Kirae Jarvis 66th min 

    Yellow cards for St Pauls 
    Anthony Caines 50th min 
    Jamal  Jeffers 65th min 
    Petrez Williams 85th min 

    *** Officials were Trevester Richards, Ike Inniss, Latoya James & Maliik Liburd 
    RA: Steadroy Douglas 
    GC: Dexter Tyrell 



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