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Posted: Thursday 27 June, 2019 at 8:35 AM

SWMC to Truck Drivers: Cover your garbage, sand and stones when transporting

A truck with uncovered garbage driving along the Island Main Road in Conaree
By: Andre Huie, Press Release

    June 27th, 2019 -- The Solid Waste Management Corporation (SWMC) is one again appealing to heavy equipment operators transporting aggregate, to have their cargo properly covered. Ms. Inita Lake, SWMC Collections Manager made the case again in a recent interview, where she made a special appeal to especially truck drivers transporting aggregate such as sand, gravel or large stones about the island. “There are a number of trucks that are taking sand and stone down to the Old Road Bay and most of them are not covering the sand especially and you find that the sand is blown on people’s vehicle…whether its sand, stone or whatever, make sure you cover it.  If you are being caught you will be ticketed,” Ms. Lake said.  


    Ms. Lake stressed to these drivers including drivers of vehicles transporting garbage to the landfill. “We are trying to get persons to protect their garbage…once they are transporting anything from one point to another, make sure they are secured and it is covered properly,” the SWMC Collections Manager noted. 
    She made it clear that the penalty for transporting aggregate uncovered can be hefty. “If you are ticketed you are expected to pay $500 fine at that point… unless you refuse and you are taken to court (you could) be fined up to $20, 000,” she said.  
    Meanwhile, Ms. Lake related an experience where a truck driver was transporting garbage in a truck uncovered to the landfill and how that situation played out. “There was this truck (uncovered) going down to the landfill and things were flying out (the truck). I stopped the driver and I explained to him that you shouldn’t be transporting your litter uncovered because it’s causing harm. He listened, he was quite responsive and I actually had a meeting with his boss and they are complying,” she explained. 
    She wants other truck drivers to do the same and comply. “I fail to believe that people don’t care. I just believe that everybody is trying to make a quick dollar and it’s OK to try and get rid of waste at the time. Behind of it is danger and so we are encouraging people to just comply; work along with us because we are working for you,” she concluded.  Ms. Lake stressed that covering garbage transported to the landfill is beneficial not only to the environment but also for road safety. 

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