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Posted: Wednesday 3 July, 2019 at 12:30 PM

PM Harris labels Dr. Douglas a pitiful miserable being

By: Stanford Conway,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – PRIME MINISTER Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris has labelled Leader of the Opposition, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas, a pitiful being and is calling on him to be a statesman.


    PM Harris was at the time at his Monthly Press Conference addressing a reporter’s question on the allegation made by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party of the Government paying gang members money to remain calm.

    Dr. Harris categorically denied the allegation, calling it “nonsense”.

    “The question of the payment for crime really is nonsense, and I feel so sorry for what Dr. Denzil Douglas has become - a pitiful being aging miserably in the twilight of his years. You tell me after 20 years as the Prime Minister, after residing over the highest record of homicides in the country, you are out there talking such nonsense and celebrating homicides in the country.”

    He intimated that Dr. Douglas is a desperate man and questioned the payment of criminals during the upsurge in crime earlier in the year. 

    “We must ask ourselves when we had this upsurge in criminal activity, was it the Labour Party that was paying the criminals? Were they paying the criminals to do crime so that he could now deduce that in a season of calm it has to be that the Government is paying them? But where is the evidence for such nonsense? It is a desperate act by a desperate man who is so unpatriotic. And all of his actions so far show that clearly.”

    The Prime Minister made reference to the recent saga involving billionaire investor Alkivaides ‘Alki’ David.

    “That is why he brought this vagabond of an investor in Alki David to our country to give him first chance at marijuana activities in our country. He stands with a man of such poor taste, poor disposition and temperament to say you have invited him to come to invest.”

    Dr. Harris opined that it is unpatriotic and hypocritical for Dr. Douglas to speak on crime and added that the country should never listen to him because he has been an absolute failure.

    In his call for Dr. Douglas to be a statesman, PM Harris said: “Now that you are having a turn for the better, let him be statesman and congratulate those persons who are working hard to redeem the peace in the country. Let him congratulate the police officers who are out every night doing hard work, leaving their families to contain the activities of known criminals in the country. But he cannot do that! So the country is better off without looking back at Denzil Douglas.”
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