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Posted: Monday 26 August, 2019 at 3:30 PM

LIAT cancels flights to and from Barbados, among others

By: Staff Reporter,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - REGIONAL airlines LIAT has cancelled flights to and from Barbados and a number of other destinations due to Tropical Storm Dorian. 


    LIAT, in its advisory, said that due to the passage of Tropical Storm Dorian, several destinations within its network would be affected.

    The airlines noted that in the interest of passenger and crew safety as well as the early closure of Grantley Adams International Airport, several flights have been cancelled.

    However, flight schedules are expected to continue as normal in the unaffected territories in the network.

    Listed below are the flights that have been cancelled for today (Aug. 26):
    LI 303 from Dominica to Barbados
    LI 371 from St. Vincent to Barbados
    LI 521 from Antigua to Barbados
    LI 521 from Barbados to Ogle, Guyana 
    LI 338 from Grenada to Barbados
    LI 364 from Barbados to Dominica
    LI 364 from Dominica to Antigua
    LI 755 from Barbados to St. Vincent
    LI 756 from St. Vincent to St. Lucia
    LI 756 from St. Lucia to Barbados 
    LI 727 from Barbados to Grenada
    LI 772 from Grenada to Barbados
    LI 512 from Ogle, Guyana to Barbados 
    LI 512 from Barbados to Antigua (LI 512 direct from Ogle to Antigua is also cancelled)
    LI 726 from St. Vincent to Barbados;
    LI 335 from Barbados to Trinidad;
    LI 336 from Trinidad to Barbados; 
    LI 368 from Barbados to St. Lucia;
    LI 369 from St. Lucia to Barbados; 
    LI 737 from Barbados to St. Vincent; 
    LI 393 from Barbados to Ogle, Guyana; 
    LI 769 from Barbados to St. Vincent; 
    LI 770 from St. Vincent to Barbados;
    LI 309 from Antigua to St. Lucia;
    LI 309 from St. Lucia to Trinidad; 
    LI 523 from Antigua to Barbados; and
    LI 523 from Barbados to Grenada, but it will operate direct from Antigua to Grenada.

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