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Posted: Tuesday 28 January, 2020 at 9:45 AM

SKNFA Weekend Results 24th - 26th January 2020


    U - 17 YOUTH LEAGUE 
    at the Gardens Playing Field 

    Village  vs  Dieppe bay 
    ** Dieppe bay did not show up for the match. 

    *** Officials were Maliik Liburd, Delroy Jeffers & Juniequa Matthew 

    Spurs  6 - 4  Sandy Point 

    Scoring for Sandy Point 
    Itandre Shield 23rd min 
    Jahlyan Burt 40th min 
    Roshawn Daniel 2 goals 47th & 80th min 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Troy Bussue (own goal ) 6th min 
    Jaheem Nisbett 2 goals 17th & 74th min 
    Mharaijaat Hujaia 31st min 
    Anthony Whyte (own goal) 55th min 
    Shaheem Prentice 61st min 

    *** Officials were Judell Matthew, Yohan Henderson & Davanna Claxton 

    at Newtown Playing Field 

    Youth & Experience  1- 2   Bath Utd 

    Scoring for Youth & Experience 
    Lavon Rawlins 47th min 

    Scoring for Bath Utd 
    Kenaicy Dorset 2goals 13th & 67th min 

    Yellow card 
    Jaleek Simon ( youth & experience ) 66th min 

    ***Officials were Shandor Wilkinson,  Jasmine Charles & Judene Tyson 

    Newtown  4 - 0  Strikers 

    Scoring for Newtown 
    Jahquan Maynard 5th min 
    Kennedy Rodriquez 12th min 
    Ajhani Richards 30th min 
    Chad Liburd 88th min 

    Yellow cards 
    Landrick Jones ( newtown ) 55th & 56th min 

    Red Card 
    Landrick Jones (newtown) 56th min  
    (receiving a 2nd yellow card in the match) 

    *** Officials were Reginald Gumbs, Latoya James & Walter James 


    U - 13 YOUTH CUP
    at Sandy Point 

    Sandy Point vs Dieppe Bay 
    *Dieppe bay did not show up for the match. 

    *** Officials were Zoend Browne & Steadroy Douglas 

    at Cayon 
    Village  3 - 0 Cayon 

    Scoring for Village 
    Carl Newton 20th min 
    Akanye Samuel 45th min 
    Darian Stevens 48th min 

    *** Officials were Caldon Duncan, Juson Gordon & Tahirah Willock 
    at Cayon 

    Village  6 - 0  Cayon 

    Scoring for Village 
    Shervin King hat trick 7th, 20th & 28th min 
    Akanye Samuel 47th min 
    Zahmai Greene 70th min 
    Caija Burnham 74th min 

    ***Officials were Caldon Duncan, Juson Gordon & Tahirah Willock 

    at Sandy Point 

    Sandy Point  vs Dieppe Bay 
    ** Dieppebay failed to show up for the match.
    *** Zoend Browne & Steadroy Douglas 

    at Conaree Playing Field 

    Spurs  8 - 1  Conaree 

    Scoring for Spurs 
    Omari Morris 10th min 
    Raheem Joseph 2 goals 18th & 60th min 
    Ronald Rogers 37th min 
    Ucarlj Caines 40th min 
    Haim Isles 47th min 
    Divanje Huggins 53rd min 
    Ashawn Maynard 88th min 

    Yellow Card 
    Ronald Rogers (spurs) 27th min 

    Red Cards 
    Ketwan Hamilton (spurs) 77th min 
    Tiquan Penny Feather (conaree) 77th min 
    ( both for Violent Conduct ) 

    *** Officials were Kareem Benjamin, Kenni Martin & Byron Phillip 

    at Sandy Point Playing field
    Electrofab Sandy Point  1 - 0  Bath Utd 

    Scoring for Sandy Point 
    Bryan Anderson 43rd min 

    Yellow Card 
    Jahbari Flemming (Sandy Point) 54th min 

    *** Officials were Johmal Allen, Steadroy Douglas & Delvin Harris 

    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    KFC Old Road United Jets  2 - 1 Trafalgar Southstars 

    Scoring for Old Road 
    Kaylon Liburd 27th min 
    Lance Lewis (pk) 80th min 

    Scoring for Southstars 
    Sean Percival 60th min 

    Yellow card 
    Jestin Henry (old road) 13th min 

    *** Officials were David Phipps, Lenroy Parris, Shakel Campbell & Maliik Liburd 
    RA: Lloyd Rouse 
    GC: Shanwa Broadbelt 


    at Warner Park Football Stadium 

    Match # 1 

    S.L. Horsfords St. Pauls United  3 - 0  Atiba Harris St. Peters 

    Scoring for St.Pauls 
    Keithroy Freeman had 2 goals 10th & 58th min 
    Omar Francis 13th min 

    Yellow card 
    Jakiel Leader ( St. Pauls ) 90th min 

    *** "Officials were Shandor Wilkinson, Mario Parry, Jason Rouse & Jermaine Wickham 
    RA: Malcolm Ramsey 
    GC: Lawson Archibald 

    Match #2 

    Sol Island Auto Conaree  4 - 0  Mantab 

    Scoring for Conaree 
    Kadeen Lewis had 2 goals 2nd min (pk) & 39th min
    Yuson Slader 65th min 
    Tijani Fahie 82nd min 

    Yellow cards 
    Rohan Grey (mantab) 28th min 
    Kelandre Maynard (conaree) 31st min 
    Deondre Herbert (conaree) 87th min 
    Jequayne Mills (conaree) 90th min 

    *** Officials were Trevester Richards, Jason Rouse, Yohan Henderson & Judell Matthew 
    RA: Kendrea Tully 
    GC: Diane Browne 

    Match #3 

    Rams Village Superstars  3 - 1  Fast Cash Saddlers 

    Scoring for Village 
    Kimaree Rogers 45th+2 min 
    Tiran Hanley 2 goals 52nd (pk) & 88th min

    Scoring for Saddlers 
    Tarique Morris 90th +3mins

    Yellow cards for Village 
    Ordell Flemming 27th min
    Dillon Caines 57th min  
    Diquan Johnson 71st min 

    Yellow Cards for Saddlers 
    Trevor Hanley 23rd & 57th min 
    Fernando Williams 34th min 
    Evansroy Barnes 57th min 

    Red card 
    Trevor Hanley (Saddlers) 57th min 
    (Receiving a 2nd yellow card in the match) 

    *** Officials were Sanchez Bass, Jaden Rouse, Latoya James & Kareem Benjamin 
    RA: Kenni Martin 
    GC: Theo Clarke 
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