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Posted: Tuesday 12 January, 2021 at 1:42 PM

Protect Your Health Against Corona: Log-off Catastrophic News Networks (CNNs)

By: Patrick Martin, Commentary

    Rates of coronavirus infection and deaths are raging in parts of the world. Persons who are afraid of missing “Breaking News” are glued to CNNs – television and internet. 


    Constant exposure to catastrophic news can be harmful to health. Eye strain is caused by overexposure to light energy. Vivid images of death and destruction stimulate brain “fight or flight” circuits to release cascades of chemical mediators. Negative consequences include anxiety, panic attacks, asthma, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and stomach hyperacidity. 


    Furthermore, being a “couch potato” leads to expanding, fatty girth – a diabetes risk.


    The captains of CNNs are shark-like in their predation of unsuspecting humans. They make huge profits by using key words and captions known to lockdown a person’s attention. 


    "Don’t go away, we’ll be right back with the latest on the virus". "Click here for a free gift and the very latest". These, and kindred megabytes of predatory communication so mesmerize affected viewers and listeners that good news is blocked by disbelief.


    CNNs hardly present good news. Good news does not sell advertisements. What sells is the death count - fast approaching 400,000 in the USA. What does not sell is good news that the number recovered in the same USA is over 14 million. 


    Good news is that cricket is being played in parts of Australia and New Zealand – no mask, no physical distancing. Taiwan, a stone’s throw from Wuhan, has remained lockdown-free. Island nations like St. Kitts and Nevis are destinations for COVID refugees.


    There is more good news: our lands of beauty abound with nature’s soothing colours and sounds. When sunlight energy penetrates the skin, Vitamin D, a powerful immune system booster, is produced in adequate quantities (no need to buy cod liver oil). 


    "Food is medicine and medicine is food". The Caribbean has an outstanding array of medicinal plants otherwise known collectively as bush tea. The colours found in Caribbean fruits and vegetables are actually all the vitamins and minerals needed for a stronger, safer, healthier present and future. 


    Corona and other respiratory viruses thrive in wintry, congested and polluted conditions. Therefore, pandemic conditions in the UK and USA will worsen before there is relief. 


    Log-off CNNs; enjoy the blessings of bush tea and earth food.  Go outside for fresh air and brisk exercise. 






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