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Posted: Thursday 25 March, 2021 at 12:50 PM

Brantley condemns farm destruction on Nevis

By: Staff Reporter,

    CHARLESTOWN, Nevis - IN light of the continuous wanton destruction of crops and livestock on Nevis, Premier Mark Brantley has again condemned the act, which he implied could negatively affect the drive towards food security on the island.


    The latest act occurred earlier this week when the farm of a popular Nevisian and former politician was allegedly damaged.
    In a lengthy address to reporters on the issue of farm destruction, the Premier reminded that this is the third time for the year it was brought to his attention that there have been instances of destruction of crops and livestock on farms on the island.


    Using the platform with the media to address that and the matter involving the latest case, the Premier said he and his Government “condemn unreservedly any criminal actions, any vandalism against our farmers, [and] in fact we condemn it against anyone”.


    A video that circulated on the island showed images of a farm severely destroyed with its makeshift irrigation damaged, and the crops uprooted.


    “In an environment and in a community where we have been pushing food security, where we have been encouraging farmers, including backyard farmers through incentives, through free water, free ploughing, free land preparation, free seed, free seedlings, and free fertilizer...we have provided so much to our farmers and our farming community that to see wanton destruction of anybody’s crops or instruments is simply abhorrent,” he noted.


    Acknowledging that he is not aware of what is behind the recent farm destructions, Premier Brantley called on those who are engaged in such acts to “cease and desist”.


    “And, of course, I am asking that those who have suffered any such losses to report these matters to the local police so that an investigation can be done and that the culprits could be brought to justice,” advised Brantley.


    Speaking firmly on the issue, Brantley noted that there could be no excuse for vandalising any property, especially when it concerns food and the topic of food security. 


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