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Posted: Wednesday 1 September, 2021 at 7:25 PM

Case of the unavailable 2020 Crime Statistics

By: Jermine Abel,

    Part 2: Lost, hidden or just missing


    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - AFTER a failed attempt to reach Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and Matlock to assist in solving the case of the Missing Crime Statistics for 2020, this reporter came to realise that they have all gone to the great beyond.


    Following that failure, this reporter had contemplated on reaching out to a Psychic, but the recent catastrophy in Haiti brought about a change of plan.


    Instead, a decision was taken to sensitise the public on this very important issue with the aim of having the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force rectifying this anomaly.


    Since the first week in January 2021, media operatives in St. Kitts and Nevis had requested official statistics for the previous year but, as of  today, September 1, there has been no release of same.


    This pariticular issue is reminiscent of the West Indies cricket team, after being placed in what seemed to be formidble positions, ending up being regular losers to opposing teams, which on numerous occasions have caused many fans to have rising blood presure levels and even heart problems.


    On numerous occasions during his monthly press conference, the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr. Timothy Harris, had quoted statistics for 2020 with reference being made between the current period and that of last year.


    Dr. Harris could have only made those references based on the facts provided by the Police Force.


    It is therefore logical to conclude that there is something amiss as the Police Force have not provided media houses with the requested crime statistics, but offered same or some data to the Minister of National Security.


    Should one assume  that if provided with the statistics and media houses find and publish misleading data within, the Police Force would be in an embarrasing position to make corrections?


    This reporter and several others had made requests earlier this year for the statistics and were promised on a number of occasions by Senior Officers, including the Commissioner of Police who stated that permission was given for the data to be released.


    Several months later, the suspense is still rising and this reporter was thinking of penning a novel, which, who knows, might have been be a bestseller. It was also being contemplated for a spin off movie that will be released in 3D.


    Another request was made yesterday morning to the Police Force for an update on the 2020 Crime Statistics and this reporter was told by a Force Public Relations official that they would consult with higher authorities to make it possible.


    Ironically, this media house had a similar challenge last year when requesting similar statistics that Dr. Harris presented during a sitting of Parliament. After several weeks and requests, the official numbers for the first three quarters were released.


    Now, several months later in 2021, a similar occurrence is in motion, begging the question: what is taking the police so long to release the 2020 Crime Statistics?


    This reporter is running through the list of A-list actors to reprise various roles in this expected blockbuster flick.


    The media patiently await the release of the 2020 Crrime Statistics and those of, at least, the first two quarters of 2021. (Latest discussion of crime


    It must be realised that while, in part, the role of the Police Force is to serve and protect, while one of the roles of  the media is to keep the people informed.


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