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Posted: Tuesday 7 September, 2021 at 1:56 PM

Premier Brantley warns of stricter COVID-19 measures

By: Staff Reporter,

    CHARLESTOWN, Nevis -- AS the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases continues to increase on Nevis, Premier Mark Brantley has warned citizens and residents that stricter measures could be implemented to combat its spread, should the numbers climb further.


    That threat comes at a time when the number of cases are increasing on a daily basis, both on St. Kitts and Nevis, with data released today (Sept. 8) showing there were 49 positive cases within the last 48 hours.


    Currently, a number of measures have been taken and more is expected to come on stream. 


    In his address  to the people of Nevis over the weekend, Premier Brantley revealed that his Government had taken the position that all bars, restaurants and places of recreation involving music and the sale of alcohol should be severely restricted in their hours of operation until a very significant reduction in the number of positive cases. 


    He announced that the Government would engage with the proprietors of such establishments to achieve the end goal, “barring which we shall suspend business and liquor licenses for those refusing to comply”. 


    “During this time, there shall be no permission granted for any mass gatherings, parties or fetes. I have asked the Police and Security Forces on Nevis to be vigilant and to rigorously enforce the protocols enshrined in law,” he added.
    Discussions will also be held with the Federal Government in Basseterre to see how best to curtail the movement of persons during this period, whilst, at the same time, recognising that the lockdowns mandated in the past “should not be an immediate option”. 


    Brantley pleaded with citizens and residents to take it seriously, noting that the hard work has been done thus far in controlling the virus, and that must continue since the island has a fragile health system.


    “We must all act responsibly and have a oneness of purpose if we are to ultimately defeat this monster that is COVID-19…I ask you to pray for my Government which is faced with threats to lives and livelihoods experienced but once in the last century. I ask you to pray for each other. I ask you to encourage your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues in the workplace, at church and in the community.”


    “Despite the efforts and educational campaign to clarify scientific data as to the efficacy and safety of the COVID-19 vaccines as a potent weapon against this disease, there remains a minority that has refused to vaccinate,” Brantley said. 


    He added that those persons are determined to put themselves at great peril of contracting the disease, hospitalisation and possible death. 


    He said that others have persisted in going to bars and public places without wearing masks, preferring to take their chances with the virus. 


    Ordinarily, the Premier added, such behavior might affect only those persons but, in the context of a highly contagious and highly dangerous virus, any of us that remains unsafe or behaves recklessly exposes all of us to danger.
    “I have pleaded with our people, especially our teachers, our nurses, our elderly, nursery and pre-school caregivers, that they are on the frontline in the most significant way and that any refusal by them to vaccinate exposes those who are vulnerable and in their care to this dreaded disease. None of us would wish our child to contract COVID at school or at the daycare centre. None of us would wish our grandmother or grandfather to contract COVID at the Flamboyant Home. None of us would wish to be hospitalised for one illness and contract COVID while at the Alexandra hospital,” added Brantley.



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