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Posted: Wednesday 26 January, 2022 at 12:37 PM

Who put the Roach in the Burger?

By: Staff Reporter,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - THEY are a nuisance, most of us dislike them and quite recently they - Cockroaches - have found themselves at the center of a dispute that could either bring an unprecedented closure to an establishment and tarnesh the owner’s reputation or find a woman before the courts in Basseterre.


    At the center of an unhealthy dispute is the allegation that an insect, reportedly a Cockroach, was within a Hamburger served to a customer at a popular establishment on Port Zante that made her ill. 


    The incident, which reportedly occurred yesterday (Jan. 25), has left many in the Federation perplexed.


    According to media reports, a female allegedly entered the recently-established bar and lounge on Port Zante and ordered a Hamburger and Fries. However, after eating the Hamburger she allegedly ended up at the hospital with food poisoning, following which  it was disclosed that she ate bugs in her meal.


    Media reports suggested too that the woman made a report to the police about the incident after she was not getting satisfaction and the return of her money from the proprietor.


    This led to an investigation by the proprietor, who allegedly revealed that there is a video footage of an incident that raised questions. 


    Within the footage, purportedly from the bar, a female was seen putting an item in a Hamburger before consuming same. 


    SKNVIbes News could not independently verify the authenticity of the image and whether it was of the said incident. 


    SKNVibes reached out to the proprietor of the establishment for a comment on the incident, who indicated that he could not speak to the matter, only indicating that it is under investigation and any questions should be directed to his lawyers.


    The bar and lounge, which was opened in October last year, sports an upscale type ambiance which is a very popular hangout spot for many on St. Kitts. 


    It is locally owned and has received all the necessary documentation for its operation, including the inspection and food handlers’ approval for staff.


    SKNVibes understands that this might not be the end of the matter as both parties are maintaining that they are in the right in this situation.


    This media house will not, at this point, provide the identity of the parties involved.


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