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Posted: Friday 18 November, 2022 at 7:38 AM

Statement from Mrs H Ajayi, Director, Bank of Nevis International (BONI)

By: Mrs H Ajayi, Director of BONI, Statement

    At BONI we have laid the foundation for the exponential growth of the bank. We’ve invested heavily in technology. We’ve Invested heavily in the training and up skilling of our staff, with one staff member scoring a First-Class degree in our bursary sponsored MBA program and another two on their way to their undergraduate degrees in the areas of finance. We’ve invested heavily to establish a meaningful global footprint. 


    We see a future where St Kitts and Nevis is the epicentre of our activities that links us with the wider world, where increased well paid jobs underpin the financial services sector. Our goal is to attract increased private sector investment and support private sector access to affordable dollars. Affordable dollars, directed towards the improvement of infrastructure such as the airport, bridge link between Nevis & St Kitts which will foster improve business and tourism flow. We are looking with our partners to see how we can best invest to increase the diversity of economic activity at Long Point and as a committed educationist I am excited to see investors interested in the creation of centres of excellence in Nevis. A centre that would underpin better engagement with global business activities and better outcomes that will release the ambition of young people and enable us collectively to sit as equals at the table on international negotiation and commerce. 


    In the same vein we see the creation and development of unique marquee destination (tourism) real estate developments which are not wholly reliant on CBI,  yet are independent and which (as a diversified product) sit alongside peer destinations tourism developments for the changing world of digitally nomadic Gen Z. 


    It is the goal of BONI that our activities are core to the changing global business world and that Nevis sits in that global mix. We are extremely encouraged by the strength of the soundings and resolve of Prime Minister Drew and the forward-thinking vitality and clarity of purpose of Premier Mark Brantley. It is our firm belief at BONI that the Federation of St Kitts Nevis will be the next Singapore, Dubai, or Monaco of the Caribbean. All these countries have shown that with dynamic forward-thinking leadership, political stability, respect for the rule of law and respect for the sanctity of commercial contracts, size does not matter.


    BONI is an economic multiplier that will act as a catalyst for the creation on 200 well paid jobs in next twenty-four months. We are on track for this and given strategic relationships will readily achieve the same.








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