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Posted: Monday 26 June, 2023 at 9:44 AM

Saint Kitts And Nevis Soccer Song

    We are the The Sugar Boyz in Red 
    and we are
    So stylish and the best you've ever seen
    We've just made history today
    So sing along we're going to play all night long and we've had to wait untill now
    So sit back and watch us play
    As the fans sing along and chant we love 
    Saint Kitts And Nevis all day and 
    You'll see how wonderful we've
    been big and strong us
    Saint Kitts And Nevis boys all year long,


    And we'll sing Saint Kitts And Nevis,
    Saint Kitts And Nevis are the best and we'll show the world the rest we're stylish skillful singing all night long 
    We're going to the Gold cup to battle against the best,


    We are the Saint Kitts And Nevis in Red
    Singing out loud banging our drums and
    Everyone will see our amazing footballers in America and
    We have a lot to prove dazzling and smiling in the Saint Kitts And Nevis groove and fighting to prove our worth and
    You'll wonder where we've been when you see us The Sugar Boyz play,


    Saint Kitts And Nevis, Saint Kitts And Nevis 
    Footballing all the way and we're not scared of you today so it's time to move and get into our football groove
    Singing and dancing having
    So much in the warm sun,


    We are the Saint Kitts And Nevis, 
    And where set to go
    Against you and we can't wait because
    We're going to sing our favorite song and drink our favorite beer and you'll 
    all sing along
    And we'll be singing 
    Saint Kitts And Nevis, Saint Kitts And Nevis we love you so much all night long.


    David P Carroll.
    Saint Kitts And Nevis.



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