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Posted: Monday 21 August, 2023 at 12:42 PM

Local Author Introduces Two more Books for Children

By: Vanessa Webbe,

    CHARLESTOWN, Nevis -- Nevisian author, Vanessa Webbe, introduces two books for children this summer: ‘Cricket and Coconut Cake’, and ‘Chippy the Computer Teacher’.


    The publication of ‘Cricket and Coconut Cake’ was supported by the St. Kitts and Nevis Development Bank.  
    The book encourages the community to rally behind youngsters  playing street cricket, including if the ball falls in their garden, and to share their aspirations as potential  eventual players for the West Indies Cricket team. 


    More About the Book


    There is nothing the children in Green Valley enjoy more than playing a delightful game of cricket, in their village. But they do have to be careful where they hit ball !


    Get into the excitement of the game,  and catch a glimpse of  village life.  Also,  read about how a treat of tasty coconut cake can save the game,  so that the young rising cricket stars can play on.


    About the Book


    ‘Chippy the Computer Teacher’ is written to introduce key concepts about how the computer works,  and to stimulate interest in computer coding. Chippy, the protagonist in the book, uses a child-friendly conversational to instruct, and condenses complex computer science information into simplistic expressions for beginners to easily understand. 


    The book also introduces coding, using HTML and CSS, to build a basic website. 


    Chippy makes learning about the computer exciting, enticing and unintimidating. It is an ideal book to motivate children to become advanced learners in this era of computer technology.


    Expression of Gratitude


    The author is grateful to all those who assisted with the publication of the books. These include her daughter, Kadeise Hendrickson; an experienced teacher of English and well-known Educator, Michael S. Blake, who assisted with editing both books.  


    Gratitude is also expressed to the St. Kitts and Nevis Development Bank for its contribution to the publication of ‘Cricket and Coconut Cake’. 


    Webbe also extends heartfelt appreciation to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Professor, Dr. Thomas Lombardi, her former instructor at Business School at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI), who assisted with editing ‘Chippy the Computer Teacher’.  Webbe simplified the notes from her ICT class at UVI to compile most of the content for this book.  ]


    She  also   thanks Francisco Dorsett, local Information Technology (IT) Specialist, who also assisted with reviewing ‘Chippy’.  


    Ms. Webbe also acknowledges the brilliant work of local artist, Arcquela Bendito, who designed the cover page of each book.  She thanks all those who have played a supporting role in the publication of her books. 


    The books are available at the Divinity Store in Charlestown, and on


    Vanessa Webbe is a woman of faith who relies on God's  help to guide her through every book project. Her genre of writing includes inspirational faith-based books and engaging educational literature for children.  She has so far published ten (10) books on Amazon.  


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