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Posted: Thursday 31 August, 2023 at 1:12 PM

Education Ministry sets new Hair Policy for school children

By: Staff Reporter,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - ALL schools will be reopended on Monday (Sept.4) for the 2023/2024 Academic Year and the Ministry of Education has outlined the new Hair Policy for school-age children.


    The Minister of Education, Dr. Geoffrey Hanley has informed that the Government had agreed on a policy for school-age children in the Federation.


    In a statement, the Ministry of Education said the “guidelines are established to prevent any potential discrimination related to hair and hairstyles”. 


    It noted that the guidelines are aimed at helping school leaders foster an inclusive educational environment while ensuring that students' access to education is not limited.


    The goal of the Policy, according to the Ministry, is to create “an inclusive and respectful environment that promotes diversity and self-expression in line with school standards”.


    The Ministry believes that the move would “safeguard against discrimination while maintaining safety and professional appearance”. 


    Listed below are nine guidelines of the new Policy that will take effect from Monday (Sept.4):


    1.Students shall maintain neat and clean hair at all times;


    2.Traditional haircuts, natural locs, afros and cornrows are permitted for male and female students;


    3.Hairstyles must NOT obstruct  the normal view of other students. Natural hair (e.g., afros) or hairstyles for religious reasons or medical requirements must be managed to prevent visual obstructions;


    4.Haircut designs are restricted to two straight lines ONLY. Each line should NOT exceed 10cm/4 inches in length;


    5.Extensions are permitted for female students ONLY. For safety purposes, extensions should NOT fall below the shoulders, especially in lab spaces. Buns should NOT be wider than 10cm/4 inches. Extensions should match the natural hair colour. Students in Nurseries and Preschools are NOT allowed to wear extensions or rubber bands;


    6.Unnatural hair colour, wigs and weaves are NOT allowed. However, if a female student is suffering from any proven medicial condition that causes hair loss (alopecia, scalp infections, lupus, cancer, etc, the student will be allowed to wear a wig;


    7.For safety reasons, students in preschool to grade 2 are not allowed to wear beads. Males are NOT allowed to wear beads. (If a female student in grade 3 or higher intends to wear beads, they must be securely positioned to prevent contact with the eyes). All hair accessories including ponytails, bows and ribbons should match the uniform colour;


    8.Eyebrow markings/lines and eyelash extensions are NOT allowed. Male students are encouraged to groom their facial hair - sideburns and beards. (Students may remove excess facial hair); and


    9.Students are required to follow ALL safety guidelines for specialized rooms such as Science Labs, Industrial Shops, Home Economics Centres, etc.



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