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Posted: Friday 5 January, 2024 at 3:50 PM

Small businesses also benefitted from National Carnival activities…say Minister Duggins

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - AS the 2023/2024 National Carnival has recently ended, the Minister of Culture and Small Business, Samal Duggins, is of the view that all sectors of the business community have benefitted from the promotion of the various staged activities.


    According to Duggins, there were activities for all sectors during this year’s Carnival from national events to private promotes, and small events for market vendors as well as other small establishments.


    “This is the time of the year where there is an influx of people and activities. We look to ensure that small business development is at the forefront, and I think this year the small businesses can’t complain,” Duggins noted. 


    He explained that in terms of developing the local product, the Government had colaborated with business entities and is awaiting feedback on how they performed during the season, their feelings and where the Government needs to return to the drawing board. 


    “It is a constant growth pattern. It is a constant rebuilding pattern, but the whole idea is to make it better than it has ever been,” added Duggins.


    Speaking to the overall Carnival atmosphere, the Minister described the event as being successful and vibrant: “This year was electric! Most people touted that this year was one of the best Carnivals, and maybe one of the best in the region. And we continue to build the product. We have a long way to go but, coming from a far way behind, we  are building step by step.”


    While observing the sights and sounds of the Grand Parade on Cayon Street, Minister Duggins said to this publication: “I was quite impressed with the cultural display from several masquerade troupes, several bull troupes, some mummies and some actors. And our motto seems alive and vibrant. And for me, that is heartwarming because I see it as being an essential part of our Carnival product coming from the historical development,” noted Duggins.


    In the Mas Band of the Year category, Ultra Carnival took the title with 669 points, while Luxe Carnival took the second spot with 620 and Novali Carnival was third with 614 points.


    Zus Carnival with 646 points won the Queen of the Band Competition and Ultra Carnival with 636 points took home the King of the Band title.


    Meanwhile, Section of the Year went to Luxe Carnival Mysteria with 39 points, while The Spirit of Carnival title went to Ultra Carnival (99 points), and the First Band to Launch (theme, all sections) was won by Luxe Carnival.


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