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Posted: Friday 17 December, 2010 at 8:51 AM
Press Release

    What started as a friendly lunch time debate at the Nevis Bakery a few months ago, culminated yesterday in the release of a Nevis All time Cricket X1, on the popular sports rap program hosted by Malcolm Ramsey on Choice Fm radio.


    Chairman of the selection panel Hon Carlylse Powell who has been an outstanding cricket Administrator both locally and regionally made the grand announcement of the team after outlining the full make up of his selection panel and giving the basic guidelines for the selection process, in terms of a criterion.


    The full panel of selectors included: Hon Carlylse Powell –chairman; Hon Joseph Parry (Premier of Nevis) who was also an outstanding cricket Administrator both locally and regionally; Ashley Farrell-former local cricket chief; Hastings Daniel-former outstanding Secretary of the NCA; Stevenson Manners-regionally acclaimed cricket commentator and Clayton ‘Powers’ Liburd- longstanding cricket pundit and enthusiast.


    According to Chairman Powell his panel of selectors very early in their deliberations established the following guidelines for selection:


    Only eleven players would be selected.  The team would be made up of:


    Two (2) openers
    Three (3) middle order batsmen.
    One (1) all a rounder
    One (1) Wicket keeper
    Four (4) bowlers


    Prior to the announcement, Host Malcolm Ramsey opened the lines for ten callers to call and name their respective teams.  Coordinator of the activity Sportscaster Curtis Morton had previously received sixteen submissions of possible teams but none had accurately matched the team selected by the panel of selectors. The ten callers now had an opportunity to win two hundred dollars put up by the widely read News link newspaper and Brian Jeffers.  However, none of the callers got the eleven players correctly as named by the panel of selectors.


    The official team released by the selection panel reads in batting order:


    1. Stuart Williams
    2. Livingston Lawrence
    3. Livingston Sargeant
    4. Keith Arthurton
    5. Runako Morton
    6. Carl Tuckett
    7. Everette Sargeant
    8. Derrick Parry (Vice Captain)
    9. Edmund  (ED)Arthurton (Captain)
    10. Elquemedo Willett
    11. John Maynard


    Powell with the help of two of the selectors who were present on the Sports rap program in Hastings Daniel and Stevenson Manners also named the support team to the all time eleven as follows:


    Manager: Carlylse Powell
    Physio--         Virgil Browne
    Coach--         (will be one of the players—most of whom are established coaches in their own rights-to be determined)


    Statistician----Trevor Parry


    Videographer---Curtis Morton


    Commentator travelling with team---Stevenson Manners


    The following observations were also made:


    Stevenson Manners noted the following:


    • Parish selections: St.Paul’s got four picks: Stuart Williams; Carl Tuckett, Ed Arthurton and Elquemedo Willet.


    • St.Thomas’ got five picks: Livingstone Sargeant; Derrick Parry; Livingstone Lawrence; Keith Arthurton and Everette Sargeant


    • The Nevis cricket belt is represented between St.Paul’s and St.Thomas’ as nine of the eleven players came from within that area


    • Nobody from St.John’s and St.James’ made the team


    • Family lineage plays a role: The two Sargeants are related; Willet is Stuart William’s uncle


    • Nine of the players have captained Nevis. The only two who have not are Livingstone Lawrence and John Maynard


    • The best month to produce an outstanding cricketer is the month of May as three of the eleven cricketers were born in the month of May: Elquemedo Willet -1st May and both Carl Tuckett and John Maynard were born on May 18th


    Hastings Daniel Noted:


    • Quite a number of persons were considered for the opening slots including: Earl Rawlins, Vance Amory, Cordell Walters, Merlin Liburd and Bernette Thompson


    • For the middle order slots-somewhat of a dearth.  Eversley Barrett; ‘Salo’ Howell, Lewis Newton all received honorary mention


    • Ray Phillip in his opinion was the best wicketkeeper for Nevis but lacked in his batting ability. Also receiving a mention were: Ted Hobson who made it to the West Indies trials and Mac Parris who served Nevis well for many years


    • For the Fast bowlers: Raphael Wallace, Conrad Bartlette and Lipton Griffin were all strong contenders


    • In the spinning department, Harold Walters, Junior Hendrickson, Dean Thompson, Warrington Phillip and Ronald Powell were all seriously considered


    • Al Liburd was also seriously considered for the all rounder slot


    Chairman Powell noted:


    • That the fact that no fewer than five of the named players were affiliated to the champion Pennyless All stars club, is significant and speaks volumes to the club’s leadership role on Nevis.


    The panel strongly felt that the exercise should not end with the sports rap announcement and the following recommendations were made and Sportscaster Curtis Morton has indicated that he will work with the selection panel to see them to fruition:


    • A team photo to be taken of the players who are yet all alive


    • Arrangements to be made to fly in the three overseas based players for a recognition ceremony—Everette Sargeant; Ed Arthurton and Runako Morton


    • A commemorative blazer be  designed for each player


    • A photo and appropriate  write up  be  permanently placed in the archives of the Nevis Sports Museum


    • Due to the fact that the original discussion started at the Nevis Bakery and that long serving institution will be celebrating a significant milestone next year, the proprietors will be approached to assist with the organizing of the event


    Morton further indicated what will happen to the Two hundred dollars which was not won by anyone: One hundred will be given to the Nevis Cricket Association and the other will go towards the event of recognition to the outstanding cricketers.


    Late yesterday Morton also received word of contributions from the USVI from Clifford Powell and David Rossington who will be donating Seventy-five US dollars between them with specific instructions:  Seventy-five percent to be donated to the Nevis Cricket Association and twenty-five percent towards the celebration of the cricketers;


    The general feedback from callers and members of the sporting public is that the panel of selectors did a terrific job and deserve high commendation.


    Former West Indies opening batsman Stuart Williams when contacted yesterday,  noted:  “I am pleased to be in such fine company.  It is a tremendous honour to be selected amongst such great players”. 




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