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Posted: Tuesday 25 January, 2011 at 10:01 AM

SPIRIT denounces recent gun-related crimes

By: Spirit Release, Press Release

    SANDY POINT, St. Kitts  (January 24, 2011) -  THERE has been a recognizable increase in gun-related crimes in the town of Sandy Point in the past few months, and this increase has raised concerns of many residents calling for a return of Sandy Point to a place of total peace and community togetherness.


    SPIRIT wishes to categorically denounce these despicable and reprehensible acts perpetuated by unscrupulous individuals, and targeted at families and businesses in this our peaceful town. We believe that families should be free to shop and not think about being held at the mercy of a masked bandit; we believe that our residents should be free to take a walk without worrying who may attack them; and we believe that families should rest peacefully without imagining being held at the end of a rifle.


    SPIRIT is of the view that such crimes, though carried out by a very small minority and although they may be few and far between, have the effect of putting social and community development at a standstill. This, we cannot afford! These criminal acts present a major risk to the safety of our residents and visitors but with a concerted and united effort, we can fight crime together.


    These recent and unusual crimes have forced us to review our 2011 programme for community development as we recognize that making greater investment of time and resources, as well as strengthening key partnerships with the police, businesses, families and the relevant government ministries will have to be among the top priorities. Our approach this year must be one that rages a focused and multi-sectoral fight against a growing crime rate. Sandy Pointers must not and will not become complacent and will not become prisoners to fear and crime.


    SPIRIT wishes to thank the security forces particularly the officers at the Sandy Point Police Station and all the other officers who continue to serve and protect our community and nation. We want to make it clear that the police are our partners in the united fight against crime and we will continue to partner with and support them in any way we can.


    We call upon anyone with information about these gun-related crimes to contact the police and assist them in their investigations. Even if you think your information may be inconsequential, we urge you to surrender any bit of information to the security forces as this may bring these criminals to justice.


    We, finally, extend a note of comfort to the families of these victims. Our prayers are with you in this sad and unfortunate point and we wish all the victims speedy recovery. We are pleased that fortunately, there were no fatalities from these crimes. But, living in fear is not an acceptable option! Together, we shall ensure that Sandy Point remains a safe and widely-admired town.




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