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Posted: Monday 23 October, 2006 at 4:01 PM
NRP Communications
    Premier Parry giving passionate advice at the anniversary service of the Shiloh Baptist Church on Sunday.
    CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (October 23, 2006) --
    Head of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) the Hon. Joseph Parry called on parents to give greater attention to their children since parental care and attention led to stronger families and societies. 

    Premier Parry made the comment on Sunday October 22, 2006, while he delivered remarks at a church service to mark the 32nd anniversary of the Shiloh Baptist Church in Ramsbury. 

    The service was held under the theme "Building Stronger Families".
    He called on called husbands to support wives and parents to support their children, a support which went beyond money.
    "Support means more than money. If you get a child you have a responsibility to make sure that child becomes the best person that child can be and you have to support them but you have to do more. 

    ~~Adz:Right~~You need to spend quality time with your child. You need to demonstrate openly that you love the child by hugging the child boy or girl, be able to hug boy or girl. 

    You are going to make him [boys] stronger you are going to make him understand what love and compassion is and he will be a better person and he to will want to become a family man.
    "Spend time, take them [children] out, take them to the games, take them to the beach and take them on a holiday if you can. 

    I am saying this because as Minister of Education I have heard and I have seen the violence and the delinquency among children and I have seen they need parental care they need parental attention.

     No matter how much attention a teacher gives, a child needs her or his mother and father," he said adding, 'Take your children to church, take them to school spend time in reading the Bible but practice the golden message "love your neighbour as you love yourself".
    Mr. Parry also took time out to urge wives to be tolerant and good persons, who needed to reach out to their children and their husbands. He also pointed to the need for them to appreciate that everybody made mistakes including them.
    A cross section of the congregation in attendance at the special service.
    He reminded men of their task and noted that they had much work to do and that they should respect the women and children and to lend greater support.
    Mr. Parry also acknowledged the government's role in building a stronger society by being an educator and a counsellor to families and to the people of Nevis. 

    He explained that it was critical to reach out to take care of the young ones and to show them that the government was serious and loved and cared for them. In this way, he said stronger families would be built.
    The anniversary service was also attended by other members of the NIA including Deputy Premier the Hon. Hensley Daniel accompanied by Mrs. Daniel, Hon. Roberto Hector, Legal Advisor Mr. Patrice ~~Adz:Right~~Nisbett and Mr. Llewellyn Parris Special Advisor in the Premier's Ministry.
    The Shiloh Baptist Church was founded 32 years ago. Among its achievements to date, was its ability to mobilise relief supplies for hurricane victims after hurricane Hugo; to provide housing for 24 persons from the volcano stricken Montserrat and later providing permanent housing at Prospect and to assist persons who had to pursue further medical attention overseas.
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