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Posted: Tuesday 20 December, 2011 at 2:08 PM

A Kittitian's dream comes true

Press Release

    Africa, December 10th, 2011 -  A Christmas dream came through for one Kittitian: VIP connected entertainment a true ambassador to the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.  CEO of VIP connected entertainment; Ms. J. Lexy Brooks earlier this month invited one of St. Kitts own to Africa on one of her exciting event adventures and made a dream come through. 


    If you have ever met this lady in Peron, you will feel the energy in her world – she greet you as though she has known you her entire life and she treat everyone with the same amount of love and humbliness (you would never guess that she is the founder and president of one of the premier leading talent booking agencies - being from the Caribbean).


    This was not the first time that Ms. Lexy Brooks has shown her love for the federation.  she is always giving back… from taking St. Kitts school children to New York on an all expense paid trip through her CAS global foundation (; to donation of monetary gift to schools and donating cash, laptops and cell phones to Ms. Mitchum and her children.


    (Ms Brooks was moved at the unfortunate incident of Ms. Mitchum and decided to do something for her some years ago);  to assisting the person she calls her only brother in St. Kitts Shervin White with securing Caribbean cinemas in SKB. 


    To say Ms. Brooks is a true ambassador is an understatement she would tell you “I am not an ambassador i am a jam-kitt, lol Jamaican-Kittitian.” 


    Ms. Brooks first landed in St. Kitts in 2003 on the invitation of Shervin White and VIP connected entertainment reigned as one of the top concert promoters in St. Kitts and Nevis from 2003 to 2009 with some of the biggest names in reggae music. VIP is a worldwide concert production, event planning and artists booking agency. 


    A true humanitarian - from January 20, 2010 to September 1, 2011 she was the spokesperson and fundraising coordinator for the “Yele Haiti foundation”.  A non-profit organization founded by Grammy Award Winner Wyclef Jean. This leads us into our journey to Africa with Winnielle Pereira of Winnielle Model Management.


    Winnielle how did you come by this great opportunity to get an all expense paid trip to Africa earlier this month and how do you feel about your trip?  “I feel absolutely overjoyed, an amazing feeling like no other that I have ever felt in my entire career in the beauty and fashion Industry.


    I received a text message from VIP CONNECTED’s QUEEN, MS. LEXY BROOKS and responded immediately; having no idea what was about to be said, and when she spoke to me an unbelievable feeling came over me but many a times I have been asked to do things and they never come to pass.


    I however, felt much faith in LEXY, jah knows. This queen made my trip to Africa a reality. This journey... my journey had its obstacles and sacrifices had to be made but as LEXY had faith that I could do the job, It was my duty to show her that I was committed no matter what. 


    When I spoke to Lexy she said, Winnielle I have a client in Africa who we book artists for each year and this year they are hosting their annual PEACE PAGEANT with Delegates from 16 different countries in Africa such as TOGO, GUINEA, NIGERIA, GHANA, GAMBIA, and so on.


    There will be 2 delegates from each country representing at the E. Peace Pageant and they have asked me to secure a choreographer/trainer and I think you would be great at it. Are you interested and do you have the time? I know it is short notice.  I thought for a moment MOTHER AFRICA-then I answered sure Lexy I would love to. 


    Together with Lexy’s guidance I did everything that I was told to do to ensure that I arrived in AFRICA to execute my duties as pageant choreographer and model trainer.


    First stop, St. Maareten, then Jamaica, onward to London, then Abuja and my final destination... NIGERIA!  I must say that Lexy is truly connected because she had friends and clients at every stop to greet me and ensure that I made it to my next destination safely. 


    Three long days of traveling to my destination and I loved every moment;  though it wasn't easy to travel for so many days feeling like you have slept and waited your mind away but my motivator has always been the almighty father and knowing this was my dream come true, I stayed focused.


    Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed by 702 productions assistant producer ADI, we then drove for about 30 minutes to the HOTEL PRESIDENTIAL where I would spend my days training 29 uniquely beautiful contestants for the most elite pageant in AFRICA, The MISS ECOWAS PEACE PAGEANT.


    My motherland... AFRICA I was.  With only 5 days to choreograph this pageant I had to get in gear and get to work alongside my FRENCH choreographer EDEM who also spoke and understood little English. We broke the barrier as best we could with persistence, and meetings at 5am every morning.


    Only 5 out of the 29 contestants spoke and understood English, which would make my task even more difficult and time consuming as we would have to go through an interpreter for every move and every thought but I did it confidently as I knew JAH gave me my gift and I could do it no matter the obstacle.


    We worked from 5am- 2am every day rehearsing with the delegates to prepare for the Pageant. Saturday, December 10th--Showtime!!  Plenty nerves kicked in because we knew we really needed more time with the ladies but reality was we had no more time. 


    A lover of music, from time to time I would make my way to the audience to witness the amazing African and Reggae artists brought by Lexy to perform at the event.  The artists blew my mind and soul with their rhymes and rhythms and I was so tempted to join them on stage when they invited me up, but had to stay focus on my task.


    At the end of the event...exhale Ms. Guinea won the pageant.  I was unsure as to how the event was received I was quite worried actually but to my surprise the praises started flowing:  WINNIELLE, Great job! Left - right and center the praises came from the producers of the event, the audience, the delegates and those who saw my name in the Ecowas brochure as choreographer, the judges, and the previous Miss ECOWAS Queen


    I mean it was amazing how they appreciated my work and hearing my name being called by my African people was overwhelmingly joyous. A job well done!!  So much love received by everyone I met in Africa.


    My story is long enough to write a book if I could share it in full, but this is just a very short and humble glimpse into me…a little ISLAND girl being afforded an amazing opportunity, to not only travel to the motherland but to execute the skills I have been blessed with to help inspire others positively.


    I send blessed thanks to Julie Martin for referring me, and most of all the queen of VIP Connected Entertainment, Ms. Lexy Brooks for making my dream come true and taking care of me all throughout my journey as a sister would. 


    My mother Angie Pereira and sister Medianna Pereira for caring for my 3 children while mommy was away at work, everyone who dedicated time to me while on my journey ensuring I was safe and happy.  Much love to VIP Connected liaisons:  Roslyn in St Maarten, Teddy Laidley in Jamaica and all the 702 productions team, especially Ms. Maxine Executive Producer whom all made me feel like family and that is REAL.




    You don't have to be rich in finances to make your dreams reality, for the rich in heart, filled with faith, love and passion , jah will see to it that your dreams do come true. I have lived every moment of my life working hard towards all my goals, i have never been blessed financially, but since a child I have always been blessed with the passion and determination to strive to make all my dreams reality and with jah guidance and strength nothing is impossible and indeed I am living testimony to this humble reality.











    This article was posted in its entirety as received by This media house does not  correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of, its sponsors or advertisers








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