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Posted: Tuesday 10 January, 2012 at 3:16 PM

Another remarkable catch by the Spencers!

Another remarkable catch - a giant swordfish
By: Lorna Callender, SKNVibes

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – Just off Half Way Tree, a giant sword fish and four smaller companions came under the watchful eyes of the Spencer fishermen-brothers and that sealed their fate. They had eaten the cuttle fish put out as bait for them and sadly for them it became their last meal.


    The giant sword fish with its companions suffered the fate of the tiger shark that had been hauled in by the Spencers off Sandy Point just two weeks ago.


    This giant sword fish, about fifteen feet long, weighing approximately 400 pounds was brought in to Port Zante just about ten o’clock on Tuesday morning.


    In less than no time, the fish had been hauled into upright position by the back hoe at the Port Zante shore and drained of its blood. It was then lowered to a horizontal position on the stone platform where the boat had docked.


    Swiftly and deftly, the Spencer ‘boys’ – Jack and Marcus – set to work first removing the fins and the tail which were inedible..


    Then with very sharp knives the head was removed and pushed aside while the lid-less eye stared blankly up to the heavens.


    With a unison born of years of practice, Jack and Marcus Spencer skilfully removed the entrails and meticulously cleaned the bowels of the swordfish.  The still undigested bait was pulled out and will no doubt be recycled to catch yet another giant fish out roaming for its favourite food.


    With a running hose continuously washing away bits and pieces as they scraped out the innards, Jack and Marcus Spencer soon had this giant of a fish ready to cook and serve to their patrons at Sprat Net.


    The curious crowd, including tourists that had gathered, no doubt pondered on the fragility of life and how quickly the fate of man or fish could be changed.


    SKNVibes is appealing to other fishermen making giant catches like this one to alert this media house so that we can record your exploits and highlight your bragging rights!


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