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Posted: Tuesday 31 January, 2012 at 2:22 PM

Bus-man Bait

By: Alfud Newton

    H-Bus drivers don’t have to chase after young girls. The young girls literally throw themselves in large and increasing numbers unto the busses, like balahoo throw themselves unto fishing boats.


    Child welfare workers, truant officers, teachers and parents are all concerned about the state of mind of these ‘young girls’, particularly those girls who are still at school and below ‘yes’ age’.


     Lard, a wha  dey want? Why dey doan tek dey time?


    Apparently, it is the fashion among school girls to deliberately miss the school busses in order to ride their favourite H-Bus. Parents are thus obliged to dish out extra monies that they could ill-afford to support their daughters’ ‘ballahoo’ habit.


    No! It is not all the fault of the parents. A lot of it is, but not all the fault is theirs. Imagine you are a mother or father and your daughter decides, for whatever reason, she “not riding on no school bus”. What can you do? If you don’t pass the money for her to ‘pass’ (not pay) to the bus-man, she will negotiate ‘free-ride’.


    As parents you well know that just as there is no such thing as ‘free lunch’, there is no such thing as ‘free trans’. If you don’t give her the bus fare eventually your daughter will be obliged to give ‘honey for money’. In more explicit terms, your daughter will be ‘boat- riding’ bus and bus- man.


    That, my dear reader is what parents fear the most. And sly, fish- brain daughters exploit their parents’ fear, of their causing or contributing to their daughter’s downfall, to get their own, fool-fish way. Talk as much as you like, bex till you blue, this is the reality for many households with girls who got balahoo brains. Parents have to choose between coughing up the bus money or watching their daughter turn bus-man’s bait.


    What can we do?










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