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Posted: Friday 5 October, 2012 at 11:08 AM

Mr. Vegas claims he caught girlfriend cheating in his home

By: Suelika N. Creque,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – SEVERAL days ago dancehall artiste Mr. Vegas took the Twitter and Facebook world by storm claiming that his girlfriend and mother of his child was having sex with another man who is an alleged doctor in his home in front of their daughter.


    On Tuesday, October 2, Mr. Vegas broke the news to his fans via the social media.


    He posted: “No one was telling her don’t do it. When men abuse women, the women centre goes hard on us, so when a gal is a dog sh**, she must be put on blast…Video next!! Dem too bright! Look how hard I work to make you live like a Goddess. Mi nah kill har and guh prison so let me get off…”


    He also posted a photo of the man he claimed slept with his daughter’s mother stating that he should have found a hotel and not his house and in front of his daughter.


    In one of his posts he said that if a woman was not satisfied in a relationship, if she had fallen out of love with a person she should move on.


    Many persons expressed sympathy for the ‘Bruk it dung’ artistes while others bashed him for his public outburst and called him hypocritical.


    However, Wednesday (Oct. 3), he posted that he found out the man was not a real doctor.


    “The gal say har man a doctor, but I just get the full info say Dr Phillip a nuh real doctor, him only put the ‘Dr’ before him name. Yuh get trick b****! No wonder he was using my house…”


    He also said that he heard the man was married and hoped that his wife saw his postings.


    “So is that the unconditional love we been hearing about? So you leave me because mi have woman but yoh gone to a married man, I hope him wife seeing these messages,” he stated.


    One person said: Vegas, I know how serious you take relationships and I know it bothers you but I want you to delete all these post and stop putting people in your personal life. One day that kid is going to read this and that’s not good. You’re a big Artist and you travel a lot so maybe she got lonely and f***** up. It is bad and she is wrong but handle your shit in private my brother.”


    Mr. Vegas who has performed in St. Kitts on several occasions in the past and also at the St. Kitts Music Festival has been performing since the incidents.


    Fans are debating whether such news is suitable for Facebook or whether it helps when people can vent their frustrations via this media.


    He also posted on his page a poster stating that he will be performing in Canada for his Birthday Celebration on Oct. 5.


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