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Posted: Saturday 9 February, 2013 at 10:19 AM

SKN music fraternity gives ‘one love’ on Bob Marley’s Birthday

The legendary Bob Marley
By: Precious Mills,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – THE music of the late legendary international Rastafarian Reggae superstar Robert Nestor ‘Bob’ Marley remains timeless around the globe.


    People from all walks of life and different generations are familiar with the melodious hits of ‘Brother Bob’.


    His positive influence on the Rastafarian movement and promotion of the Reggae genre are lauded worldwide.


    Bob Marley is also recognised as one of the most influential figures during Black History Month.


    Wednesday (Feb. 6), on the anniversary of what would have been his 68th birthday, SKNVibes had the opportunity to chit chat with a few individuals of the music fraternity in the twin-island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.


    Notably, that day, many radio stations had special segments highlighting Bob Marley’s music.


    Notably, that day, many radio stations had special segments highlighting Bob Marley’s music.


    “Well I can talk about Bob Marley forever. My Views and thoughts about Bob, as a DJ, are many. I think that Bob Marley has done more for Caribbean music, specifically Reggae music, more than any other artiste in the history of music. Bob is not only a Caribbean icon, he is a global icon. And when I see rap artiste like Jay-Z and R&B singers like Beyonce and many others talk about Bob Marley and even wear his shirts, it make me feel good as a Caribbean man to see the respect that other artistes from different genres of music have for Bob Marley.


    “And knowing that a lot of these singers weren't even born when Bob Marley was alive is a testimony to the impact his music had internationally. His music is timeless and many of our dancehall singers could take a page out of Bob Marley’s book because he did it the right way by promoting peace and positive message in his music. That is why his music is timeless, and whenever you hear a Bob Marley song it sounds so fresh even 30 years after its release. And when I hear four and five-year-olds singing Bob Marley's songs I get goose bumps, because it says something about the music and the message because we all know that kids don't have biases or anything like that…they go by what is appealing and what sounds good to them.


    “He is also responsible for popularising of dreadlocks worn by so many people worldwide today. When I see CNN news anchors talking about Bob Marley and also playing his music, as they go to break, says a lot about the legacy he has left behind. I really don't think we are going to see another artiste like Bob again coming from the Caribbean. I put him in the bracket of Michael Jordan, Pele, Michael Jackson, Jackie Robinson, Mohammed Ali and Viv Richards. I just want to say happy birthday to the legend. There is no artiste I love better than Bob Marley!”


    Chief Executive Officer of Kactus Entertainment - Romeo Parris (promoter)


    “I refer to Bob Marley as ‘Daddy’ and when it comes around to his birthday I always chant some songs saying, ‘Daddy I Love you’. Nobody in the entertainment industry, such as promoters, artistes or DJs can go without recognising the impact of Bob Marley’s music, life and times. For me, he is a philosopher, poet and a mentor, besides a father. Bob Marley is one of those special types of artistes sent by the cosmic. He had an elevated consciousness to do a job, and in this instance it is putting Reggae music out there. Some people call it rebel music, but for me it’s uplifting music…songs about redemption and songs about nature. My favourite song from Bob Marley is ‘Selassie I is the Chapel’, which expounds the Christ principle in all of mankind.”


    Back in 2008, Kactus Entertainment started the first annual Bob Marley’s birthday party at Club Kactus in Bird Rock, which featured tributes and performances by national artistes and musicians.


    The event has not been held for the past two years and Parris revealed that there are plans to recommence those celebrations.


     “Definitely, come next year, Kactus Entertainment will continue the legacy. I just want to say happy birthday ‘Daddy’, Bob Marley. I am of the view that St. Kitts and Nevis and the wider world revere and respect the music and that his music will live forever, as he did indicate during an interview.”


    Uprising artiste and DJ Sudine 'Sudie-Pop' Clarke (R&B/Dancehall)


    “Bob Marley is one of the greatest legends that ever lived. And him being a black entertainer, role model, pluralist and motivational speaker, he has paved the musical way for our generation of individuals who are captivated not only by music but performing. Bob Marley was not only an idol, he was not just a musical artiste, he was someone who sang about freedom, life and love. He is one of my favorite artistes of all times and I am proud to have Jamaican roots.”


    Gary Knight (Music Educator)


    “His music really defined what Reggae music was to be. So, in other words, he set the foundation of what everyone else took to be Reggae music.”


    Knight praised Bob Marley for having set the platform for other different types of music which were brought out in Reggae music. In his opinion, Bob Marley’s ‘One Drop’ song influenced and defined what Reggae music has become.


    “Whether in St. Kitts and Nevis or throughout the Caribbean or throughout the world; and it’s unique in that sense so that whenever anybody decides to write music, whatever Reggae music, that was what they were really trying to (create).”


    Ishan 'Jah Fire' Huggins (Reggae/Dancehall)


    “I got a lot of information and ideas from listening to Bob Marley’s songs when I first started out as an artiste. In my opinion, Bob Marley opened a lot of people’s eyes and ears to the realities of the world. Every generation can relate to his music in some way.”


    Information gleaned online from Huffingtonpost’s Entertainment section states that “the Legend album which was released three years after Bob Marley’s death is reggae's biggest selling album to date. Urban Islandz reveals that to date it has sold more than 10 million copies in the US and an estimated 25 million worldwide”.
    Furthermore, “in 2012 Marley made the Forbes annual rich list with the juicy sum of $17 million - meaning he earned far more in death than he ever did when he was alive.”


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