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Posted: Saturday 8 June, 2013 at 10:33 AM

Super Duo on the Visitors Channel

By: Winnielle Pereira,

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – DESCRIBED as the perfect duo, these diversely beautiful young women both share an equal excitement and love for their positions as hosts of the St. Kitts and Nevis Visitors Channel. 


    Twenty-seven-year-old Judy Dupont grew up in Newtown with her mom Elverna. Outgoing, full of energy and a lover of life, Judy embraces both the good and the bad and uses laughter as her medicine. 

    She enjoys doing many things such as travelling, spending time on the beach, reading the newspapers, being pampered and, of course, shopping. 

    Judy, who is known by most as ‘Purple’, is the Public Relations Officer for Sandy Point’s community festival called BLACK SAN' Bang A Lang, co-host for ZIZ’s Kittitian Super Star, a rising radio personality and in 2010 she was the Second Runner-up in the Miss St. Kitts-Nevis National Carnival Queen Pageant, winning best Performing Talent and was awarded the People’s Choice Radio Interview. 

    May of this year marked her first anniversary as hostess of the St. Kitts-Nevis Visitors Channel.

    Quite elated about her journey as hostess, Judy didn’t hesitate to share her feelings about the channel.

    “I love the Visitors Channel, it’s awesome. It gives viewers ideas of what they can do for fun and relaxation while in the Federation and teaches both locals and visitors alike about our history, our way of life and everything in between, such as chill spots and night life.”

    New face of the Visitors Channel is Chevaughn Richards-Rawlins, who joined the team just May of this year. 

    Many of you would know Chevaughn the model, but who knows her as the nerd?

    Indeed, from her school days to now that’s what she considers herself… a nerd.

    She spends hours researching Black History and World history, avidly reads novels and spends time looking at various documentaries; all which feed her passion about issues that affect us culturally and economically. 

    Creatively, she spends large amounts of her time writing poems and songs. 

    Chevaughn most recently completed her book entitled, ‘Poetry, Passion and Love’ and she is a member of the One Love Band. 

    When asked what she loved about St. Kitts, she replied, “As far as the physical island itself…everything! I love how green and lush the island is and the fact that we have such fertile soil that we can grow almost anything. As old people say, ‘If you spit on the ground in St. Kitts, it will grow.’ I love, love our beautiful sunsets and just being able to live in a country where we are still free to explore and really enjoy our island. In many countries locals are not so fortunate and often do not have access to many areas, but in St. Kitts we still do and I truly hope that we will keep it this way.”

    The duo both shared their most exciting event experienced with the team on the Visitor Channel thus far. 

    Judy Dupont: “I had a great time filming at Latin Festival because I enjoyed interacting with everyone. The people were so vibrant and fun! The hike to the volcano was awesome also; intoxicating when I got to the top.”

    Chevaughn Richards-Rawlins: “That would have to be the ‘Booby Island Regatta’. I spent the day onboard the Spirit of St. Kitts Catamaran as it raced around Booby Island. And guess what… we won! Even though I know nothing about racing a boat, I really felt that I contributed greatly to our success just by being there.” (Laughing)

    Producer and Director of the St. Kitts-Nevis Visitor Channel, Sharon Stevens-James shared with SKNVibes how and why the two ladies were casted for the roles as hostess. 

    “I heard of Judy from a client who recommended her as a full-spirited young lady who would be perfect as the host. After engaging her, she totally sold her patriotic side and the camera loved her. She is energetic, she challenges herself and she compliments the team’s desire to make a successful production on every set. It’s been a year and having gone through a few co-hosts with her I think I found the perfect duo. 

    “I had approached Chevaughn a few years ago but with her work schedule she declined the position at the time. Her name popped up again in March of this year during a discussion of possible hosts, so I invited her for a meeting in April. In person, she was a natural in every sense. I gave her a script and told her I would like to have her on camera, and with no hesitation she sold it. The rest is history. Now I have a super duo that I am proud of. As a producer and Director nothing is harder than finding chemistry on set. Now having two Sandy Point ladies filming is again worth sun burns with lots of laughter.”
    Oh yes, the perfect duo both reside in the town of Sandy Point, they both love St. Kitts and Nevis. They are equally ecstatic about being hosts on the channel and they are both good at it!

    Visual is definitely better than words on the Visitors Channel. There, you shall discover what makes St Kitts so sweet…and Nevis so nice. 

    Fascinating history, delectable dining options…a unique culture that includes carnival and music festivals. Not forgetting our very own friendly people that epitomise Kittitians and Nevisians.
    So whenever you get some spare time, feel the desire to see all the beautiful parts of our island, or maybe you just want to be reminded about why you love your country so much. Tune in to the St. Kitts-Nevis Visitors Channel (70) and let the two beautiful ladies from Sandy Point take you on the journey while viewing.  
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