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Posted: Friday 22 November, 2013 at 1:19 PM

Charles Archer launches Leadership Manual in St. Kitts

Charles A. Archer (L) and Dr. Theodore E. Hanley
By: Terresa McCall,

    Kittitian medical doctor contributing story featured 


    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – IT was indeed a momentous occasion on Tuesday evening (Nov. 19) in St. Kitts when management guru and author Charles A. Archer launched his book called ‘Everyone Paddles...’; a book within which one of the contributing stories was written by a St. Kitts-born doctor.

    The ambiance of the Serendipity Restaurant, the intimate setting and a distant full moon provided the perfect atmosphere for the launch which attracted a wide cross section of society.

    The book, titled ‘Everyone Paddles – A CEO Strategic Guide to Building Company Consensus’, as explained by Archer, is a direct reflection of his 20-plus years in leadership roles and the experiences he gleaned during his formative and early adolescent years.

    Founder and CEO of a successful not-for-profit company, Archer described to SKNVibes what he discovered is that a lack of camaraderie and consensus are the fundamental difficulties plaguing many companies.

    “I’m now 40 years old with 20 years of leadership experience. What I’ve noticed is the fact that the leader gets all the credit and those who support the organisations, the companies do not. And what I’ve been able to do with my not-for-profit company is the fact that my role is important but so is everybody else’s. And in some cases, their role is more important than mine. But it really is the synergy of everybody paddling at the same time, in the same direction towards the same goal….and that is what the book is about. It’s the management platform that I’ve used in my company to make it happen.”

    It was 17 years ago that Archer developed his not-for-profit company for people with developmental disabilities. And throughout that journey he developed and applied the six rudiments outlined in his book, which are:

    1. Unity under one umbrella;
    2. A quality leader understands self-knowledge but understands that there are others in the word success;
    3. Effective communication;
    4. There isn’t a problem, there is only a solution;
    5. Everybody requires special attention; and
    6. The power of belief.

    Contributing stories are presented at the end of each principle. And at the end of the sixth principle appears a story of Kittitian-born medical doctor – Chief of Anaesthesiology and Pain Management at the Woodhull North Brooklyn Health Network – Theodore E. Hanley.

    Both Archer and Hanley told SKNVibes that they were proud and happy to be with the result of their partnership and opined that the book is not only applicable to companies but also to personal life.

    Published earlier this month, Archer and his team are also launching the book in Barbados, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC and Trinidad over the next couple of months.

    This book is preceded by Archer’s ‘Everybody Paddles – A guide to achieving partnership, association, collaboration and togetherness’.
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