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Posted: Friday 5 February, 2016 at 1:54 PM

Nation Branding - Government Leaders and Ambassadors

By: Adam Anderson, OPEN Interactive, Inc.

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts - WHILE OUR Ministers of government, ambassadors and advocates of our Federation work to present the best possible image of SKN, it’s important to understand the vital impact of branding, social media content management, and the production quality of content being pushed out to local, regional, and international audiences. The proliferation of social media brings with it a new world of governance and PR opportunities.  However, also comes the potential to waste an enormous amount of valuable time and resources or, what is worse, conveying messaging that fails to project and elevate all that is St. Kitts and Nevis.


    Pumping content across social channels in an effort to showcase accomplishments carries imminent risk without an underlying nation building narrative. Our leaders and ambassadors deserve intelligent and exceptional social PR to gain advantage over other nations vying for attention and investment.  Social media content production and management that builds in the aggregate a positive Nation Building movement must be managed using expert social media strategy to avoid wasting time on uncertain outcomes.


    Marketing agencies and PR firms rely on a numbers-based system to track and enhance social media to insure effective dissemination of news and progress.  These numbers show actual engagement and sentiment.  When communication falls flat, the numbers quickly alert PR experts providing them an opportunity to fine tune and/or correct the narrative.


    SKN deserves press conferences, national addresses, and interviews supported with proper set design, backdrops, and camera gear.  When our leaders are filmed with vinyl backdrops, poorly constructed wooden sets, and stick-on national seals, we open ourselves up to ridicule—informing perceptions outside stakeholders and investor have.  We are a small island with a sovereign government that interacts on a global stage with leaders who are able to sign treaties and attract foreign investment, a small expense alleviates common practice stemming from, an ill-conceived notion of ‘less equals more’; we must project a brand consistent with leading nations—a nation with which to reckon.


    If we are to develop an engaging social media presence from our leaders, that supports tourism, economic citizenship, light manufacturing, and our very unique and special government framework, we must invest more resources into content production, social media management, and a nation-building narrative to grow our National Brand and achieve positive, public sentiment. Without a clearly defined editorial and content strategy, we risk over-saturating social channels with mediocre content that inadequately supports our nation building efforts—possibly pushing out content misaligned and counter with our national goals and aims


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