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Posted: Sunday 28 February, 2016 at 3:10 PM

Moral and Social Responsibility

By: Adam Anderson, OPEN Interactive, Inc.

    BASSETERRE, St. Kitts – THIS MORNING was an interesting day.   It began by checking articles on SKNVibes.  The first was titled, Landfill supervisor believes St. Kitts can learn a lot from Japan.  The next was titled, Richarads calls for use of paper bags and cups; not plastic and Styrofoam.  Then I continued to read Salt Water found in Basseterre Aquifer.


    As I read an article about Japan recycling and that we, as a Federation, could learn from them, I then checked my Facebook only to respond to a post about several USA states now requiring drug testing for those on welfare. After posting my views, I had an onslaught of those opposed to my way of thinking. 


    I was left to ponder, “where is our individual and social responsibility?”


    I believe that drug testing is not only prudent, it's essential. There is a moral responsibility that we have as a society and government to take care of the in-firmed, the indigent, our elderly, and to look after those with mental illness.  As an employer I won’t have my employees drug addicted, why should we have drug addiction negatively impacting families, our health care system, legal system — and do nothing about it?  Furthermore, if we are doing nothing as a society for those with addiction problems, who will? 


    What can we do about social issues anyway?  Let’s see… we are polluting our earth, enabling drug addiction, and does it even matter?  Even a little bit?


    To clear my head and feed my soul (it’s Sunday), I decided to take a walk along the Marriott golf course.  The mornings activities still processing in my head.  The images you see above were taken with my cell yards from the golf course walkway — they are disturbing.  If morality was eating at my soul, this walk did not help find peace.  


    Our beautiful coastline is heavily littered with plastics and debris.  Walking further down the path, there must be acres of land used as landfill; old appliances, discarded furniture, landscaping debris, plastic bags — spread across this otherwise beautiful beach-scape.  All I could think of, is how these lands represent our natural resources.  This land is St. Kitts.  What could possibly have happened to let it get like this?


    Is there any social responsibility that we have to reverse this? This is our land and we should feel some responsibility for the earth upon which we inhabit. As a government we must enforce policy that shows respect for our country.  What are we leaving our children to inhabit? It begins with a sense of awareness. 


    If not now, when?  If not by us, then by who? 


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